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Lately the app has been inconsistent about issuing notifications.  I was sitting at my computer last night when I noticed that the number on the Earnings page had changed.  I looked at my phone.  Nothing.  I checked my email.  There was a new booking.  Luckily I use Scheduled Messages, as I was about to go to bed and might well have missed responding within 24 hours.


Less important to me, but also of note, for the last few months the community center notifications have been extremely spotty.


These are ongoing problems that ebb and flow from better to worse and back again.  I don't know why there can't be a more robust tool to make sure these notifications are consistent.  Thousands of hosts rely on them around the world.


This is a known tech issue.  @Inna22 did a post today suggesting a place to keep all of these.  I would have added this to her post but didn't want it to get lost.  Perhaps we need a separate board in the Community Center where we can log these issues.







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@Ann72 totally inconsistent message delivery from the board! I would get one randomly just to realize I had 10 replies. And yes, not super important so if they are choosing between improving board message delivery and issues like yours, let them work on yours first 

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