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Ive been having the same frustrating issue with stuck payouts for months now. Ive spoken to support people for over 30 times having to explain the issue over and over. Some made an effort to solve something others just said they are forwarding my issue to the technical team and I should be hearing from them soon. I never did. To say this is frustrating is a real understatement. 


Trouble started when I had a guest who booked for a month, and then had to leave after a week, so ABB has let her go and put me in debt because the money was returned to the guest for the days that been canceled. I was accepting new guests, business as usual and for a few future guests was covering my debt to ABB since the money was sent to me and there was no way ABB can get the money back just to take from the future payments. This was in July, I keep receiving the guests, their accounts are being charged for the stay and I keep getting nothing but increasing number in my upcoming payouts section.Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 1.14.03 PM.png


Last few weeks the support agents are just simply ignoring me even so we have an open ticket. 


I would really appreciate some help please. 


Thanks and I wish everyone a good year.  

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Re: Payout issues

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Hi there @Algirdas5, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Have you heard anything back from them by now? Just so you know, I've passed this on to the team again, just to give them a nudge (in case they haven't replied already). 



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