Reporting A Bad Guest

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Mead, CO

Reporting A Bad Guest

We recently had a guest who booked a room for 2 guests/ one night/one room.  They arrived late via Uber. In the am I discovered that  her guest made himself at home in an additional room that they did not pay for.  When I questioned them about this, they explained to me that they did not understand that they had only rented one room.  At $65 per night, and a very clear discription on my listing, I found this an unexceptable defense.  I politely asked them to figure out what they were going to do to compensate me, I exited the home, and when I returned I found that they had vacated the porperty via foot.  The message that they left in our "on site" guestbook resembled somthing that you would read in an adult version of Alice In Wonderland.


The only positive thing I could possibly leave as a review is that they were clean. I do not want to publish thier bad behavior on my reviews, but I think it is important that Air B&B is aware of this behavior.  After all, I could have had a big problem on my hands if the room was rented to a late check in. Will my pending Superhost status be negativly affected if I do not review this Guest?  Also is there a way to report this guest outside of the public review process?

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Los Angeles, CA

I am a superhost on Air B&B and have nothing but 5 star reviews, I am writing this to serve as a warning to host's.  This couple was a nightmare and they use the profile name "Peggy, Oak Park, IL"


This woman "Peggy, Oak Park, IL" is a host's worse nightmare. She complained about every little nit picking thing she could find to complain about. She could not find the light switch, I had to show her how to turn on the lights. The AC works fine in my home and is turned on when needed, there is a swimming pool here so no one has every complained they were uncomfortable. The toilet paper is a joke, all she had to do was ask me to get another roll. I can't help it if her and her husband used all the toilet paper and ran out. If she had an issue with the bed she should have cancelled her reservation, I would have been happy to give her a refund. As a matter of fact I actually out of courtesy and kindness issued her a 75 dollar refund out of my pocket , she received one free day and she could not wait to text me asking when she was going to get the refund. I sent her the refund and now I am sorry I did that. I found her husband one morning wandering around my kitchen turning on a very expensive espresso machine without putting any water in the boiler which would have burnt it out, this machine cost almost 1500 dollars and he had no business even touching it without my permission. These people were arrogant and disingenuous. I asked them several times is everything ok I try to make sure my guests have a great stay. Both times they replied all is fine. They even got coffee and fresh croissants in the am. There are truly some people that will complain and take advantage of gracious hospitality no matter what. As far as heavy pressure for a good review I personally could care less what some person with issues writes. Please look at my other reviews. When 100 people say one thing and 1 person says something totally contrary its obvious where the problem lies.

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Los Angeles, CA

I am a tenant at a 10 unit building where three of the units were transformed to airbnb units. My questions is,  are guests that come to stay have all the priority and all the privilege to smoke pot inside and outside since it's legal here in CA? . I been exposed to smoke and marihuana ever since we started to have guests stay and I  get headaches and nausea. I only  to want to know  if I as a tenants have rights since I live on the premises . Anyways, I don't think that as tenants we have any rights and that hurts. Even If I see something and say something nothing is going to happen. I don't meant to offend anyone but as a tenat I should have the right and freedom to live and breathe in a smoke free just as my neighbors and guest who also just come to stay and relax . It hurts even more because sometimes there are children and infants and there are other guest who don't even care to smoke and spread all the stench throughout the units.  

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Bogota, Colombia

Carrie, There is also an option to report a bad guest outside airbnb. Its called Whos Your Guest (just search on google) although as everyone else said, it is also important to report the guest on airbnb so everyone else can be aware of them.

Hello, I'm new to hosting but I've just received rather lewd and rude texts from someone who was interested but cancelled. What can I do? Is there a way to block them from messaging me further? 

We just had bad guests who left a terrible mess inside and out.  It took and entire extra day to clean up after them.  I asked for only $100 to cover the costs.  The guest declined.  I called Airbnb and requested help with obtaining the refund.  In response I was told that they wold have to speak to the guest (who lied and said the house was dirty when they arrived, even though we always keep it in  immaculate condition).  Airbnb is asking the guest to provide photos of the houseafter they arrived. This will prove nothing, as these photos will show how the house looked after they had been staying there.  Of course the guest is going to lie and refuse to pay.  These people were dishonest from the start, trying to arrive 8 hours earleir than their check in time and refusing to read any of the property rental guidelines.


I feel extremely frustrated and violated by all of this.  As a host I do not feel like I should have to go through this much trouble to obtain a nominal refund.  Now I am wishing I had not filed the claim, as this is causing me extreme frustration.  

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Nashville, TN

I would have kicked them out when they tried to sneak in.  Then notify Abnb who can rehouse them.

My last guest left trash all over, both inside and out, left a burner on at the kichen stove releasing a propane gas smell all over the house, and created a mess so bad that it took an entire extra day to clean.  This guest also tried to sneak into the house 8 hours prior to check in time without calling me to see if it was alright.  


I filed a claim for a nominal refund of $100 to help cover the extra cost of cleaning and lost propane. The guest declined and lied profusely, stating that the house was dirty when they arrived.  This is a lie, as we always keep our property in immaculate condition.  Instead of refunding me the money, AirBnb is conducting a full review into the matter.  


As a host, I feel violated and am upset that I have to go through so many steps to maybe or maybe not get a refund.  I feel like I am being treated like an offender for requesting a nominal amount to cover my costs, and now I face a potential negative review from my bad guests.  Yes, I posted a review on this guest.  But now I am wondering if in the future I may have to simply endure the outcome of a bad guest, and eat the damage costs if this is what I have to go through.


AirBnb should not make things this difficult to obtain a refund.  

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Glyka Nera, GR

Hi. I am a host from Greece and a horrible guest left my apartment in a disgusting condition, had to pay to get the brand new mattress cleaned, replace molded towels, plugged up sink, bills of 300€ etc. This guy is now in the U S ripping other people off. He books off site if he can. His name is [name hidden] from Iran.

Is this your guest too? 


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Como, CO

The ABB resolution system is basically adversarial and obviously connducted at a distance. So unless the issues are extremely clear cut or one side admits then I can see there will be complications.


He said, she said sadly.

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London, United Kingdom

Keep in mind your guest said they misunderstood - the fact that you find it indefensible does not mean it was not an honest mistake. Sounds like you were annoyed at them (an rightly so) but asking them how they intended to compensate you sounds a strange way to approach the situation.

Airbnb are very unlikely to be interested in guests who told you they made an honest mistake.

Carrie, I would definitely leave a review as recommended by others. Airbnb is a trust based system and only works if you can trust reviews by other hosts.

I have two rooms on Airbnb and I purchased thin adhesive backed square cork boards and attached two to each of the doors (from bed bath & beyond) I have the name of the Room (Airbnb Cozy Room plus any special notes) on one square and on the second cork square I have a Welcome sign with their name(s) on it. When I send check-in information I provide the name of the room and directions (like first room on right with your name on it). Between those two methods I've never had an issue with extra guests or wrong rooms.

Also, I communicate with guests and make sure they have profiles filled out, arrival & departure times and any guests names provided. I use a template and delete pieces that aren't pertinent to that guest. I have found that staying on top of these pieces helps prevent miscommunication
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Como, CO

Some advantage to having locked rooms if you are not there.


But assuming you showed them in and showed them to their room I think I would have just pointed out that this is no the room they booked.


I did once have somebody arrive who 'thought' they had booked a room different to the one that they actually had, now I double check if I am not certain.

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Vancouver, WA

Absolutely review this guest and say what went wrong in order to warn other hosts - but just list the facts without emotion.

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Banksia, Australia

 I am still waiting for airbnb to remove the profile of this guest who stayed at my place, I wrote this review which wasn't published on his profile and he has an active profile on airbnb still - *


Reuben seemed like a nice guy till he opened his mouth- he said  don't take this the wrong way but you remind me of my mum in an annoying sort of way. I had hardly said anything, I'm  happy to sit back and  listen. Later at dinner he did mention he's always wanted to F..K his mum. Reuben said he thought I was a prostitute because of all the fabulous reviews from previous  guests. Reuben also offered to give me a foot massage with yog-hurt as he put it. Reuben also made a
racial slur . Female Host's think twice.




*[Sensitive information hidden for safety reasons–in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

leave am unsure why you did not ask him to leave your home that same very minute he made a derogatory remark to you. It is important that you act at that precise moment and document everything. Make sure that everything you discuss with the guest is recaptured in their message. Either they will not respond via Airbnb chat, or admit to it. This way, you have documentation directly on the Airbnb system. I have had two weird stories, not this bad, but I have documented and reached out to Airbnb immediately. In the end, I do this for pleasure, I will have the guest leave my home immediately even if it means to lose my airbnb privileges or super hot. You owe it to yourself. 

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Heidelberg, Germany

@Carrie40 Hello Carrie,


frankly, I think you should write a review and mention this as it is the only way that we as hosts can warn each other about potentially difficult guests. I understand your concern about losing your superhost status but if your guest leaves a review that is verifiably untrue you can ask airbnb support to delete the review. I did so a week ago and they deleted the guest's review as it was verifiably untrue. Why not state the good and the bad facts about the guest in a diplomatic language?




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