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I have been a member of Airbnb for 5 years. I have been a super host for almost 2 years.


For 4 months Airbnb has refused to reimburse me for $400 in damages incurred by a guests stay. I have called about issue countless times and spent multiple HOURS on the phone trying to get reconciliation. Whenever I call to resolve this issue I’m told the issue has been “escalated” which I have learned in 4 months is what they say to placate you enough to end the call. As a result, NO solution to the actual problem takes place. 

I have tried handling this issue in every way that was suggested by Airbnb including filing a claim with “AirCover” which has resulted in NO SOLUTION. 

Airbnb does NOT take care of the owners of the homes that allow its platform to operate. I highly recommend trying another platform. 


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Re: Switching to a different platform

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Hiya @Matt4442 


So sorry to hear about your long battle with a less than satisfactory resolution. I'm going to get in touch internally and have a look at this for you. 


I appreciate it's already been several months but if you could allow me some time to find out what's going on and come back to you I'd be grateful. 





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Re: Switching to a different platform

Chicago, IL
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@Matt4442, Did your issue get resolved?

Re: Switching to a different platform

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I am really surprised that Airb&b has not resolved your issue.  I have filed 3 claims for damages and all have been dealt with quickly but always needed to provide pictures and a written description of the issue.  I learned that by being thorough with your description of the damage and good pictures they will not have an excuse to question my claim. The only issue I had with Airb&b is the removal of a bad review I received from someone who booked my home but that person booked the home for someone else.  When I learned that several persons were staying n my home and not the actual person who booked it, I threw out all their butts and as a result received a bad review.  I argued that it was unfair that I was reviewed by someone who did not actually stayed in my home but Airb&b did not see it my way and remained on my reviews.  As a result I unlisted that listing and instead listed with another hosting site.  I will eventually relist with Airb&b but at a later date.  

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