The host's right of access to guest accommodation

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Greetings All,

I am a newcomer to the Airbnb hosting community and this is my first posting.

I have thus far enjoyed seven completely hassle-free bookings but am now scratching my head on how best to deal with my latest guest.

Firstly: Although my house rules clearly state "no smoking" I noticed that he  is a smoker. I have no problem with him smoking outside and have now provided him with an ashtray. My question is: What rights if any do I enjoy should I discover that he has been smoking inside either during, or more likely, once he has vacated my property?

Secondly: I have noted that the aircon in this guest accommodation is on 24/7 notwithstanding that  this young couple essentially only use the room to sleep in. Can I enter the guest suite and switch the airconditioning off? Or is this an invasion of privacy?


I really would appreciate hearing from any member who has encountered either one or both of the above issues and has been able to resolve it ideally to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.






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Re: The host's right of access to guest accommodation

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1. If someone wants to smoke inside, they will forcibly smoke inside. There are ways to deter this: smart smoke alarm, or sensors that sense the smoke alarm going off, sending you a notification; and security deposit. A real deposit requested at the time of booking, not the facade of a "security deposit" option Airbnb has.


2. There are ways to control your electronics without invading privacy: smart plugs. The smarter your home, the easier your life becomes.

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