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I want to become a host but cannot find any information tha t is printable.  A guide book of some kind would be helpful. How to make a house rule list and how to make a guide book I guess it is called. I cant figure out how to list my house on Air bnb. Appreciate any help given.

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Hello! Im trying to find the same thing!

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If I find out anything I will post it here for you.

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Hi @Phyllis155 and @Eileen390


Great to hear you'd both like to start hosting! There's some really useful information and discussions in this section of the Community Center, relating to New Hosts. For example @Christine615 shared here some advice on getting your listing guest-ready, and @Laura2592 started a great discussion about things Hosts think are useful to know when starting out. 


If there are particular aspects of hosting that you'd like more tips on, don't hesitate to ask other Hosts. 🙂





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