using google calendar as ical link for OTA

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Newbie here. My listing is going on to three 'curated stays' sites, as well as being already on VRBO and Airbnb. The curated stays sites need me to provide an ical link obviously, but the airbnb one although synced with VRBO won't of course export bookings made elsewhere. Basically I need a master calendar. But, if I join a channel manager site, I get sucked into that hiked service fees thing airbnb have now introduced. I see I can import all my different sites bookings into a google calendar I create. But can I then share the ical to that google calendar with the OTA? I mean, there is indeed an ical link. But will it work, is there a reason not to do this?? TIA!

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Re: using google calendar as ical link for OTA

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Hi @Trudi46,  and welcome to the Community Center!


Have you managed to find a solution to sync all your calendars, since your post here? There's a bit more info on this process in this article, but if you need more help give us a shout: 


Thanks 🙂 



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