Conditional Availability

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We rent a room in a shared apartment on Airbnb. We often have the problem that we're away on the weekend and do not want to accept guests that arrive then. If the guest arrives earlier it's no problem. So an option to block dates for check-in and / or check-out would be fantastic.

Level 10

What I do in this instance, is I just click on the date right on the calendar and then it gives me the option to block it. It also gives me the option to leave notes. For Instance if I’m going to be out of town and don’t want someone to check in while I’m out of town. I can block the specific days when I’m not available.

Manchester, GB
Level 10

@Christine615Yes, but we're talking about someone still being able to book the dates you're out of town, they just check in, before you leave. So you don't have day's that are empty when the problems is just checkin.

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