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To include an additional charge for early check in/late check out!
Lamar0 in
Oxford, MS
Level 1

This is a great idea!

Albena0 in
Level 4

I agree 100%!

i would add a box where guests would put their check-in and check-out time

Caoimhe0 in
Belfast, United Kingdom
Level 4

Yes! It can be very annoying when you don't have a check in time. 

Julie-Ulrike0 in
North Las Vegas, NV
Level 2

Thats a great idea! Yes, please AirBnB help us to encourage appropriate check-in/ check-out times and allow us to be compensated if we have to wait for a 1am check-in. That way, we won't be penalised for cancelling ( I lost Superhost over 1 single cancellation) even if we allow for instant book.

Ross19 in
Sandton, South Africa
Level 2

This would be very helpful. 

Caroline148 in
Chicago, IL
Level 2

Totally agree! I host a lot of first time Airbnb users, and they often times think of my place more as a hotel than someone's home. Yes, they are paying, but several times my entire day/next check-in was screwed up because even when explicitly told they need to check out by 11am, they don't leave until 11:30, 12, or 1:00. This obviously hurts my ratings with the next guest, but mainly my concern is that they are essentially faulted for 

Caroline148 in
Chicago, IL
Level 2

(Continued because this site still needs some work) ...the previous guest's negligence and inconsiderance. Even if it's an "after the fact" kind of thing, settled through the resolution center, that's fine. But these people need to be aware that our lives don't revolve around them, and there are fees for acting that way. 

Caoimhe0 in
Belfast, United Kingdom
Level 4

Completely agree!!! Same thing has happened me. 

Marcia49 in
Port Angeles, WA
Level 1

Great idea !  How about additional cleaning fee for pets.

Peter-And-Desiree0 in
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Level 4

I do NOT agree. 

You're opening a can of worms. 

What if you have (we do most days during high season) have a same day arrival. If the guest "opted" for a late check out and the new guest "opted" for an early check in ---- clash and crash. 

What if the guest opted for a late check out and yes, paid for it (via AirBnB) feels entitled to their late check out and you have to counter that with a one-on-one conversation ... "sorry but we can't ... we have a new guest arriving ---- crash goes the review through the ceiling. 

I rather stick to my posted check in time and check out time and let it be. 

A few more pointers; 

1) AirBnB DOES give us a guests phone number and email. I email each and every guest prior to their arrival asking for an ETA. If they don't have it, I ask them to update me while their on the way. Has worked 100% for us and our "communication score" is at 100%. 

2) I actually have a pre-typed letter (thank you automated computers), one that says that I do have a same day arrival on the guests departure date and would they please respect the (our) check out time of 11:00am.

The other letter indicates that I do NOT have a same day arrival and if they want to check out a bit later, make it (in our case) another "day" at the Lake.

We deliver these letters to their front door and they have worked like a charm. 



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