Guest Cancellations - should be seen on their review page.

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I would like to suggest  that if guests cancel it should show up on their review page same as it does on the hosts page. Even if a host cancels a year in advance it is there, a huge negative, most people do not bother to look further than "Cancelled". Guest and host should have right of response to clarify why in the spirit of transparency promoted by Airbnb.


But, however it's done, in this spirit of promoting honesty and trust that Airbnb states it holds in high esteem, it should be on the guests page, epecially given that even Strict refund has been halved and the host only gets 50% instead of 100%.  Many of us are not hotels, we are sharing our apartment. Knowing someone has a history of cancelling just before check-in would be valued information, given that cancellations especially at peak times are a severe dent to our business, not to mention that the host has no doubt prepared for the guests stay and incurred costs and also limited their schedule to be available to host the guest.


Thank you

Marzena4 in
Kraków, PL
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Me in. Maybe we should come out in the thread as well?

Cormac0 in
Kraków, PL
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I'm in, come on Host this needs more then 8 thumps up, how about 100.





Linda108 in
La Quinta, CA
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Glad you posted a link to this post in Host Voice, @Ange2, as I absolutely agree.  Let's direct more hosts to this posting.  I am not a regular reader of Host Voice, so it might be good to post in the host forum with a link to this post.  

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Hi @Linda0 @Cormac0 @Marzena0 Thanks, I did link to this post in host forum - maybe I should bump it to the top again.
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@Linda0 @Cormac0 @Marzena0 I bumped it to the top of the host forum. Should anyone else wish to bump it up in the host forum for more looks and possible thumbs up this is the link:
Martha96 in
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I just had a guest inquire about pricing so I gave her a Special offer because it was for 4 days(12/22-12/26). She then accepted my offer but changed her booking to only 2 days!!!!

i told her this was NOT the basis for my Special offer.  I've asked her to cancel her reservation.  

Edwin57 in
New York, United States
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Yes tours your vote Listen Iam in with you Airbnb listen to us fare is fare

Andrea1063 in
Collingwood, CA
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Stephanie365 in
Fredericksburg, VA
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Absolutely. AirBNB, you need to start holding guests to the same standards as hosts. 

If we get dinged for a cancellation, so should a guest.
If we get "suspended" for poor marks, so should a guest.

You need to stop catering ONLY to guests. You need to keep your hosts happy, too. You're not the only game in town ya know.


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