Guests not sticking to rules

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Douglas109 in
New York, NY
Level 8

airbnb just allowed a guest with 2.5 stars who has 3 reviews of hosts in my city saying he smokes in the rooms although it's not allowed and brings unregistered guests. How is a user like that still able to use Instant Book?

Kendra10 in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 2

This comment is for Douglas....  If the guests have negative reviews I would call Airbnb and explain that you are not comfortable with the guest because of the previous negative reviews.  After all, thats the perk of accepting instant bookings.... you get to cancel penalty free if you feel comfortable with a booking or if the guest breaks one of your house rules.  I feel you have valid reasons to be concerned and I'm sure Airbnb will understand as well and allow you to cancel this reservation penalty free.  Another thing you could consider for your future bookings is to at a look at your instant book settings.  To do this go to your listing page and go to the section where you choose to turn instant book on or off.   In this section you'll see that you are able to mark that you only want guests who have positive reviews to be allowed to instantly book.  That means that if a guest has even one bad review or no reviews at all they won't be able to instantly book your place. The only problem with this is you'll see a drop in the number of guests who instantly book and an increase in those sending you booking requests.  If you choose to accept a reservation from a guest who sent you a booking request since it's not an instant book you'll no longer get the privilege of begin able to cancel penalty free if later you feel uncomforable with the booking or if the guest breaks one of your house rules.  For this reason I don't limit who can instantly book my place to only those with positive reviews.  I think its better to allow anyone to instant book and if they have bad reviews you can call Airbnb and explain you don't feel comfortable with the guest for that reason and ask to cancel the reservation penalty free.  


Christine615 in
Kansas City, MO
Level 10

The deposit was for damages. You should have been instructed to send them a amended charge for the extra guests through the resolution center.

Christine615 in
Kansas City, MO
Level 10

Oops. Not sure how to edit on phone app version.   I meant to say bill them for extra guests and damages. The key is to take pictures and document immediately then inbox them to guest as proof BEFORE another guest checks in. Airbnb told me that because I did that with guest damage they couldn’t claim the next guest did it.

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