More cancellation options ( re new 100% refund policy)

More cancellation options ( re new 100% refund policy)

There is such a diversity of properties on Airbnb that one size fits all for cancellation policy is never going to work. Why not let hosts choose the % of cancellation fee and timing of penalty to suit their particular context?

Rationale: The policy is now global of having 100% refund to guests for hosts with Flex or Moderate cancellation policy - ie there used to be a disincentive of paying Airbnb service fee, but that is now refunded to guest. The only option to provide disincentive is to have a Strict cancellation policy that means that guests pay at least 50% on cancellation - a harsh penalty, and a glaring gap between this and other policies. Home lettings are not hotels! Some hosts will be affected much more than others with this ease of cancellation, especially remote, seasonal locations.

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Totally agree @Dominique319. That's why we are sticking with Strict policy though we don't really like it.

Other platforms let owners choose a non-refundable deposit amount, and also the timing of payment of deposit and balance - much more flexible.

This issue has received plenty of upvotes - but no response from Airbnb yet 😞

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Absolutely agree 100%. It seems everytime they make an "enhancement" it's another disadvantage for the hosts. When will they realise without their hosts there will be no Abnb??

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@Belinda55, what are the other platforms that let owners choose a non-refundable deposit amount? Thanks!

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Agree 100%.

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Hi @Michelle140

I use Stayz (an Aus site related to HomeAway). I also use Tripadvisor, which has more options than Airbnb. They have these variable settings:

Stayz -
"The guest pays a booking deposit equal to [variable]% of the total booking amount once you accept the booking request, and pays the remaining balance [variable] days days prior to arrival (2 - 28 days).

If the guest cancels their booking within [variable] days days of arrival (2 - 28 days), you keep 100% of the total booking amount. If the guest cancels their booking before this, you keep the booking deposit amount (per your 'Guest payment terms' settings above)."

Tripadvisor - you can select deposit amount on booking, and the timing of when the balance is due. There are several cancellation options, but they are fairly strict (Relaxed is a 100% refund of the total cost if they cancel at least two weeks before check-in, Flexible is a 50% refund of the total cost if they cancel at least four weeks before check-in).


Would be great if Airbnb would offer similar optional settings 🙂


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It's disappointing that Airbnb have not responded to this.  The ability to upload our own T&C or create them (like TA etc) and the option for the guest to purchase insurance is a great idea.  Who doesn't travel with insurance these days anyway?

I am sure that there used to be another option a while ago where the cancellation policy could be changed if requested to Airbnb?

I have a property that sleeps 12 - if that gets cancelled even 2 weeks to arrival there's no chance of me re-letting it, even at a discounted rate.  

Come on Airbnb you need to look after your primary customer.   Without us you wouldn't have a business!

Also need to add different cancellation policies for different seasons! Our peak guests plan further ahead and book longer stays so we need stricter cancellations for those guests.


But do not want go discourage bookings during the off-season with the same strict cancellation policy!

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Airbnb, please put this idea under consideration. It has more upvotes than many of your 'popular' ideas, yet isn't included. There are many other similar ideas also being submitted re flexibility in cancellation policies. We now have so many options re pricing (discounts, early bird, last minute, smart pricing), yet the cancellation policies are dumbed down to only 3 options that don't suit many hosting sitiuations.

As hosts we should be able to choose:

- An amount for a non-refundable deposit

- How far in advance of check-in refunds are available

- Different policies for seasonal bookings

Even 'hotel' booking sites such as allow much more flexibility!


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A new stream of revenue for Airbnb

Guests can book more freely and not worry about a steep cancellation fee

Hosts don't get soaked with unfilled dates when guests cancel


It's suspicious that Airbnb is completely ignoring this topic and host's pleas for some change/improvement.

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Yes I totally agree to Belinda's statement and her suggestions. I am personally dependent on bookings and need reliability. It can't be that guest have all freedom to cancel and we as hosts providing the rental space are completely in the air. We create the income for Airbnb and put lots of efforts and money into our rental homes to make guest feel like home. I do not feel that I am treated fair by these new policies.