More cancellation options ( re new 100% refund policy)

More cancellation options ( re new 100% refund policy)

There is such a diversity of properties on Airbnb that one size fits all for cancellation policy is never going to work. Why not let hosts choose the % of cancellation fee and timing of penalty to suit their particular context?

Rationale: The policy is now global of having 100% refund to guests for hosts with Flex or Moderate cancellation policy - ie there used to be a disincentive of paying Airbnb service fee, but that is now refunded to guest. The only option to provide disincentive is to have a Strict cancellation policy that means that guests pay at least 50% on cancellation - a harsh penalty, and a glaring gap between this and other policies. Home lettings are not hotels! Some hosts will be affected much more than others with this ease of cancellation, especially remote, seasonal locations.

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I have been recieving far maore cancellations with people just playing around. I am so sisa[ppointed with this move throough Airbnb. I am now being forced to move to strict cancellation policy. A more diverse protocal is needed. There are going to be other platform coming especially with the coming decentralised blockchain technology. I will be fast to leave this platform once they it gains mass adoption. Cripto cribs is the beginning. Viva la Crypto revolution where billions of sollars go into the hans of the few, for what, insurance that is never payed out. What is the service fee really foe. I understand there is some adminstrative work.

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I agree, AirBnB has a really bad choice of cancellation policies for us hosts.

Flexible is way too flexible, even for off-season.

Moderate could be a lot better if the free cancellation period was longer (eg. 14 days), but even then I would rather have the guest charged for the 1st night, and not 100% refunded.

Strict is a loooooong jump from Moderate with immediate 50% deposit.

And now when choosing Strict policy AirBnB even ushers you to let the guest cancel with 100% refund in grace period for bookings at least 14 days away and within 48 hours of booking. I'd say at least 30 days away and within 24 hours from the booking.

I hate to use Strict policy because I believe that it turns many potential guests away, but Moderate is too flimsy.


A policy at least between Moderate and Strict is REALLY needed!, HomeAway, TripAdvisor,, 9Flats, Wimdu.... they ALL have better cancellation policies, and some of them even customizable, also you can use differenc policies for different dates (off-season and season for example).


AirBnb, we are waiting for you to respond on this matter. Guests have so much more advantages than we hosts do. We would most certainly like to be secured like they are.

Different cancellation policies for different seasons is a MUST.


Our 5 summer months are booked much earlier for much longer stays than during the other 7 off-season months. So if we get a late cancellation for  a summer booking it will be hard to rebook it, thus requiring a stricter cancellation policy.


A FLEXIBLE policy would be ideal where hosts decide what % will be withheld at what time and during what season! PLEASE, Airbnb act on all these hosts to help make our businesses (and yours) more successful.

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I would love to see a few more options for my renters. I would like to see 100% refund if you cancel more than 30 days in advance. I can rerent if I have time. Right not it is only 5 days...  I would not be able to rerent. My other option is 50% refund which isnt' fair to the renter.


Cancellation policy
Choose your policy for trip cancellations by guests.
Full refund 1 day prior to arrival
Full refund 5 days prior to arrival
50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival
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I make most of my Airbnb income during important popular weekends sprinkled throughout the year. I would very much like a flexible setting so, for those important weekends, I can set it at a strict setting.  5 days befor the weekend doesn't give enough time to get booked. Airbnb why are you not responding to this long thread; it is obviously a problem that you have control to remedy. 

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I'm in agreement with everyone in this thread. There should be more options for cancellation policies.  I use the moderate option and if a person cancels 5 days in advance, it's very difficult to find a replacement.  However, the strict policy is way too strict and unfair to the guests.  I'd like to see the moderate policy be changed to 2 or 4 weeks or even better to have the option for a custom policy defined by the host.

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VRBO/Homeaway has got this right for true vacation rental properties (where people are booking months in advance). 


VRBO/Homeaway: Bookings canceled at least 30 days before the start of the stay will receive a 50% refund.  Bookings canceled at least 60 days before the start of the stay will receive a 100% refund.

You are describing the "Firm" policy by VRBO out of 6 policies they have with the most liberal policy giving 100% refund only if guest cancels 14 days ahead, which is more strict than the liberal AirBnB policies.


But again, more CUSTOM policies are needed for both web sites and ESPECIALLY different policies for different seasons since it's completely different if a one week cancellation is received for our peak summer season from a guest that has booked 6 months ahead vs a one night stay during the winter season! Hopefully, AirBnB will elevate this issue to consider it for a change.

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The customer is not always right - very simple.

People can be pretty amazing about the things they try to pull for their own benefit and could care less about how it affects another person. 

ABB should have the hosts back - we are offering the service - in this case our home and the biggest investment in our lives. 

For most of us, money has gone into creating spaces for this hosting business.  Not to mention the time and effort, and sometimes emotional roller coaster.  

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I'm new to being an Airbnb host & after this policy change, I'm seriously contemplating removing my property from this site.  As an Airbnb guest, I have found the push from this company to commit to a booking quickly with the popups on how few listings are a rush to book something takes place. Now, with little consequences to cancellations, the hosts are left holding the bag while guests can be noncommital. Like Expedia, etc. there are different options for the customer when deciding what room and price they want to pay. They can choose to book a room that has a no cancellation policy for one price, or with a strict cancellation policy at a different price. The buyer has the choice and takes responsibility for what they are purchasing. 


Airbnb should have more respect and consideration for the hosts; without hosts, there would be no Airbnb!!!!