Pet fees!!!

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The way we have to alter a reservation to charge the pet fee is just ridiculous! Nearly every guest I have brings a pet which involves several messages back and forth to explain how it works, alter the reservation, have them accept the reservation, etc. etc. etc.


I am an instant book host and one of the primary reasons it that it cuts down on the back and forth messages and questions - - but the minute someone wants to bring a pet - - well the messaging begins! 


How can this get changed???

Austin, TX
Level 2

Agreed. A pet fee would be a great feature. It could also prompt them to describe their pet.

Port Angeles, WA
Level 10

It is absolutely ridiculous that Airbnb hasn’t done this yet, I have seen it requested over and over again. Hopefully it would be customizable because I just charge a one time fee added to the cleaning instead of a nightly pet fee. People need to click thumbs up on this post so Airbnb will consider it

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