Prevent guests/hosts who were found at fault in an AirBnb dispute from leaving retaliatory reviews

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Currently, guests and hosts who break AirBnb rules and are found at fault in a dispute are still able to leave negative reviews. As long as they don't specifically mention that an AirBnb investigation was opened against them (by explictly mentioning the case number or name of the AirBnb customer service person involved) or attempt to extort their host or guest into leaving a positive review or dropping their complaint entirely, they are free to say whatever they want (including blatant lies) in their review as retaliation against being found to be at fault. This policy means that guests and hosts who have had negative experiences at the hands of these individuals have to choose between getting help from AirBnb customer support to resolve the issue and risk recieving a retalitory review, or to stay silent.


Guests and hosts who are found to have broken AirBnb rules or are found at fault in an Airbnb dispute should not be allowed to leave retaliatory reviews. After they have been found at fault, the option to leave a review should either be removed or their review should be subject to extra scrutiny to ensure that it is not penalizing the victimized host/guest for making a valid complaint.

Atlanta, GA
Level 3

Airbnb has a very broken resolution process. They reward the bad guest and punish the host for confronting the behavior. I have personally witnessed how Airbnb handles these situations, with shock. Who would Airbnb be without the host? This must change but we need a forum of hosts willing to make this happen. We could block our calendars and boycott Airbnb until they LISTEN!

New York, NY
Level 2

Aideen - trust me I (and i'm sure MANY of us) feel your pain. I approach this from a Hosting standpoint. 


About a year ago i had a guest who arrived with 6 guests, while only having registered and paying for 4. I charge (clearly) $25/guest/night for every guest over 4. This was a week-long stay, so we are talking about another $300 dollars +/- for the stay. I approached the guest (through the Airbnb system in order to make sure that everyting was properly documented) saying 'you've got 6 guests please pay for them (in very polite language)'. The guest offered me $100 in cash 'to cover the additional costs'. I told him no, he can't do that I need it paid through Airbnb, and it's $25/guest a night, not $100 in cash. 


This gentleman ended up leaving me a 2* review 'because he's only focused on money'. 


The bottom line - Airbnb needs to find a way that is not punitive to hosts to protect ourselves. 



Atlanta, GA
Level 3

I have found similiar concerns with Airbnb. There really is no resolution center, it's simply about the host must agree to give the bad guest back their guest fee, and then allow the host who confronted the bad behavior of the guest to be punished by the rating. It's a pretty insane model, but it is obviously about net return (to Airbnb). Until hosts collectively unite to confront Airbnb's poor management of guest concerns, we are stuck on the short end of the stick!

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