Show hosts the star ratings guests receive

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The guest sees hosts' star ratings, but we never get to see how the guest has been rated by past hosts. Both sides should get to see how they have been rated and the percentage of thumbs up to total stays.

Also, implement a "Super Guest" badge for guests who have received 80% 5-star ratings, have prompt response time, etc. Similar criteria to a Super Host.


And allow us to Instant Book only Super Guests or previous guests.

René5 in
Honolulu, HI
Level 4

I really like the Super Guests idea! And I like it for the Instant Book. Which I currently don't like and won't use, mostly because I put in a lot of communication before booking so I have a better chance of filling the bill for a 5-star rating.


Hello? AirBnB? This would give Guests incentives to help us Hosts (who strive for a good experience and ratings vs just max bookings) to want to use Instant Book.


PS: But there are previous guests I would not want to stay again, even though they were okay-ish (and gave me low ratings on location or value) even though they loved my hosting and home.

Julie Ulrike in
North Las Vegas, NV
Level 2

Wonderful idea! Incentives for being a great guests!

Mary & Jeff in
San Diego, CA
Level 3

Awesome Idea! ! ! 

Steve103 in
Florida, United States
Level 9

Hey Rebecca :) 


I like the super guest badge idea!


There is a trick to see how the guests rated you although it take a little work. 


Go to the stats page and screenshot or save each category info. Then after a guest checks out and submits a review youll see the change  in data. 


It actually becomes much easier if you have consistent high marks. Then all you are doing is looking for deviations so you can eyeball it. But at first just save the data till you get a feel. 



Level 2

All great ideas! It is rediculous that we would have to go to the lengths that Steve has recommended just to see the star ratings. 

Joe59 in
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Level 2

Yes yes We need SUPER GUEST Badges. Awesome idea!

Chantal6 in
Baguio City, Philippines
Level 5

Love it!!! What a great idea:)

Frank & Lisa in
Kansas City, MO
Level 3

We agree!

Excellent idea Rebecca. 

Ryan27 in
Washington, DC
Level 5

Totally agree!  I have brought this up to Airbnb as well.  Hosts are held to a MUCH higher standard of expectations than guests are.  I have been experiencing quite a number or poor guests and behavior since the end of June.  When a guest reviews a host, many questions are asked as well as star ratings.  High standards!  When I review a guest, there are only 3 star ratings and the public and private paragraph.  There needs to be more and hosts need to see the star ratings and number of yes vs. no recommendations from prior hosts.  There needs to be a question the host answers about the guest asking for too many things above and beyond, like early check in, late check out, storing luggage, additional parking, etc. and contacting the host too frequently daily asking things that were already emailed to them or in the listing.  Hosts work and have a life.  We don't just sit at some reception desk, bored out of minds, hoping the guest will give us something to do as many guests seem to think!

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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