A call to Napa- Sonoma Wine Country Hosts

Sonoma, CA
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Sorry to re-post, but I didn't realize I had posted thi originally in the wrong community centre "room".

Napa doesn't have a home sharing club, Sonoma and it's surrounding areas were cooperating/communicating over both The Sonoma County Coalition of Hosts and the Marin County home sharing club. A few Napa hosts benefited from both.

Our home sharing groups/clubs are not available in the AirBnb platform anymore. I have reported it as a glitch, I have not heard a follow up on it

@Quincy , who is a CC admin seems to be looking into it, but still no follow up.

In this, and any "industry", competition is the programmed order for us to follow in order to succeed in the view of those sending such message. But our listing and how we conduct our hosting has only been made better thanks to the COOPERATION in which we all as hosts participate.

I hope you have the time to please report the groups/clubs being missing or inaccessible as well, as there is no feature for us to re-create them. An alternative would be to create localized AirBnb Host's circles/chapters on Facebook, but that would put us outside the Community Center having to create them, and of course, any useable priorly posted knowledge is not gonna follow us there.

We have localised issues to contend with which are specific to both our local laws and the idiosyncrasies of hospitality in the Wine County which can only be discussed usefully amongst us locals.

Hope you find it in you to report this, and if the platform simply can't help us (they do have a very big plate to deal with); I then hope you are open to a creative alternative so we can find ways to continue contributing to each other's success.

Thank you!

Isabel & Rich

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