Airbnb Crackdown

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Philadelphia, PA

Airbnb Crackdown

Hello Airbnb hosts,


Currently in Collingswood, a small suburb outside Philadelphia, there is a zoning battle going on regarding Airbnb. Recently, the township has been handing out cease and desist letters to hosts in the town and saying that hosting others via Airbnb and other 3rd party sites is not permissible and could warrant fines. This is highly unfortunate because the 3 member governing body that decides the fate of hosting people via Airbnb does not fully understand the benefits the community, hosts, and guests receive from the services provided. The governing body is under the false pretense that Airbnb is rampant with drug and alcohol fueled parties and will lead to a housing crisis and absentee landlords in the area. (For a more comprehensive back story please see the article below chronicling the Airbnb controversy).


As fellow hosts it would be invaluable if you could help by writing to the three members of the governing body (emails below) and sharing your positive experiences/situations that you or your guests have benefited from by using Airbnb. Whether it’s highlighting how local businesses are receiving more customers in your area because guests visit their restaurants, how a family didn’t have room in their house to accommodate relatives visiting so you as a host provided a place to stay that was closer than a hotel, or a million other examples, I think by hearing positive stories about Airbnb we might be able to shift the governing bodies view of Airbnb and help educate them on what the platform provides. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope you will lend your voice in support of allowing Airbnb to survive in Collingswood.


Jim Maley (Mayor)

Robert Lewandowski (Commissioner)

Joan Leonard (Commissioner)

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Sarasota, FL

@Rc1: Isn't Collingswood in New Jersey? Did you take your listing down because of this issue?


As long as there are residents in Collingswood that complain about Airbnb there will be no win for hosts. My first recommendation would be to move out of New Jersey and save yourself a TON in real estate taxes.

How about buying a hotel??!! Or a place where there are businesses ?? Near an airport . Ya know..  it used to b called air mattress bnb. It’s a monster 

@Salli3I may buy a hotel. Thanks for the suggestion. 

I wish you good luck! In Europe the European commission wrote a special draft paper - telling that Shared economy is something good and should be tolerated - even so, in Amsterdam and many cities in Germany the local gov bodies have taken actions against the hosts and AirBnB. This is pushing them to the black market - which is the worst thing for guests and hosts.  

“ shared community ‘ ! What a spin . No - it’s nothing but a cash cow for people who do this , sucking communities dry .

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Northfield, NJ

Feel your pain! People in Philadlephia dont realize that most of them are renting illegally and when the city cracks down its going to be bad. If you have an investment home zoned as residental(Which most are) to our understanding you cannot do short term rentals. Still seeking clarification but it seems to be that way from our discussions with L&I

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Buffalo, NY

It doesn’t matter if there are wild parties or not. When someone decides to thrust this insanity onto a community, they have every right to fight against it ASAP , bc it’ll grow like the cancer that it is. It’s a huge disruption. Tourist pollution. Airbnb hollows out entire communities.

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Media, PA

Hi! This is an post so do you mind sharing what happened as a result.?