Are Airbnb guests who stay more than 14 days in an apartment a tenant under Berkeley, CA rent control laws?

Orinda, CA
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Fellow hosters do you consider yourself a landlord?  When does a guest become a tenant?  

Berkeley California has some of the strictest anti-Airbnb/str laws in the world.  But they have an interesting exception for landlords.  Take a look at the City of Berkeley’s ordnance about Airbnb/strs, specifically #3.  We don not rent our property for less than 14 days so are we landlords and are our guests tenants?  We do have 3 other units on the property which we rent on a month to month bases and we are registered with the city as landlords. 


After reading the ordnance are we landlords and are our guest tenants?  What do you think? 

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