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Screenshot 2019-08-28 at 12.13.26.pngThis is part of the CC Festival of hospitality, original topic created in the Spanish speaking Community Center, by @Juan2111 and translated below.



Dear Airbnb Community! We know that some of you have to have a cabin or country house in the middle of nature. We would like to share some of our experiences related to this condition, some which  success, others that highlight challenges for the host. I’m going to bring some aspects that we can consider but there are some that I will refrain from sharing. 

To begin with, I would like to say that accommodation within nature is much more than what’s on the inside of the dwelling. Those of us who have this type of accommodation receive our guests both inside and outside the house, for example with a tour of the surroundings. Almost all of my guests have taken and enjoyed this tour, but a few Foto 2.jpghave missed it, either because they have come close to dusk or because they just don't want to. For me, the greatest value of the stay is outdoors, in contact with nature. This means that there is no need for some appliances that, in another space could be considered basic, such as the television. 


Do you think your guests appreciate the environment of the cabin as much as its interior?


Another interesting aspect for countryside accommodation is tranquillity. Guests often go there in search of the peace of nature. Although it can be easy to find in the countryside, there is the added challenge of the house not being so easy to locate. Additionally, even though the place is quiet, our guest may be very sensitive to the barking of dogs or the crowing of the rooster. In my case, I am fortunate to have good public transport in the area so guests can arrive in their own vehicle or bus and, in this case, walk a short distance. 


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As for the dogs, when a guest who has not arrived yet asks me if the place is calm and if there will be barking dogs, I’m put in a somewhat complicated situation. Although the accommodation has no pets, the neighbours walk by with theirs which I can warn the guests about, but I cannot guarantee that they will not bother them. For me, dogs are not annoying and befriend them easily, but it is difficult to know how the guest is going to feel about them.


Have you found yourself in a similar situation that has been difficult to handle?



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Although guests know the weather season during the time of their stay, some expect the weather to behave in their favour, and this does not always turn out as they would like. In the end, the weather is affecting the guests assessment of their stay as if the hosts could have control over it. This has happened to me with a couple of guests and I was very sorry that they could not enjoy the place as they had imagined it. 



Do you warn your guests about the condition of the weather according to the season?

Native or foreign guests. Lodging in the countryside can be quite an adventure for both natives and foreigners. Natives often come to the countryside looking for tranquility and fleeing the hustle and bustle of the city. Foreigners want to venture into nature. But they are very particular guests: a couple where one is a native and the other, a foreigner. I have received guests of all these characteristics and but cannot say for sure which is the type that best suits the accommodation. 



Do you prefer native or foreign guests?Foto 5.jpg


Finally, dear Community, we could continue with many more topics but this article would be too long to read! Rather, this is an opening for us to tell anecdotes and share experiences. 


Something that I would like to add and that I consider to be a valuable piece of advice: always maintain good communication with the guest, giving them enough information before their arrival, and during their stay, a morning greeting after their first night, so that they feel confident to always express any concerns or inconvenience so that you can make their passage a pleasant experience. 


And here I leave a photo of one of my best allies in the journey through the forest, the ravine bird (Amazonian Motmot).

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Thank you for sharing this interesting topic and beautiful photos  




Re: [Festival] Hosting in the Columbian countryside

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Hello Juan !

What a wonderful nature surrounding your cabin! 

Great post, great advices! 

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