Unable to change dates for bookings in the Android App

Anchorage, AK
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Fellow hosts,

I am experiencing an issue attempting to modify dates of guest's stays from the android app.  I occasionally have guests message me and wish to extend their stay an additional day or two.  Awesome, sell you more nights, sure!  I have had no issue doing this through the "change or cancel reservation" option from my regular PC (piece of cake), however I am often not at home. 


When I attempt to change the dates and modify the guest's booking through the same function on the android app it prompts you to select the new dates for the guest's stay, however the past days they have already stayed are grayed out and you cannot select the proper start date and the new end date for the change like on the main PC website.  This is very frustrating to me.


Am I the only one out there unable to modify dates of a booking that has already started and is in process from the Android app?



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