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Hello everyone,This is a place where you can talk about hosting in a general way. Dive into this board to get to know other hosts, share your experiences, exchange ideas about hosting, and share your host stories.Remember that for more specific questions ...
We had someone come out and take pistures for PLUS. Nice guy, bad pictures. I could go on and on but they were not good at all. No way I would use these ever. I heard also they take control over listing details. I think it is a great idea but they ne... Latest reply by Lizbeth10
We are Professional Cleaning Company located in NYC and we can serve some parts of NJ. We are looking to offer great prices and professional service in your apartment or house. Our workers professionally trained and have very good equipment. Here is or we...
Totally frustrated and I'm taking a massive financial hit. I rely on Instant Book and have three properties that are some of the most popular in my mountain town. I've hosted about 500+ parties. For about a month, you simply can't IB my places. IB is turn... Latest reply by Michael502
AirBnb is totally brainless, We Hosts are disrespected. First on my new NY listing I specifically requested a no refund policy. So what does my first guest do (who had zero bookings & reviews) she gets into an argument with her boyfriend in the driveway... Latest reply by Az2
Dear Hosts,I am renting my flat in Andalucia via the airbnb platform and would like to know whether there is a special treatment/allowance on the taxe I have to pay in Spain for the purpose of receiving rental income. Generally speaking, I have been told... Latest reply by Zania0
I am a Superhost, a proud New Orleanian who believes in affordable housing for all, and a host whom has opened my home to guests from around the world for over three years and six months now. Baring a few ups and downs with some inconsiderate guests, usua... Latest reply by Branka-and-Silvia0
My guest arrived last November 22 & already left last November 26. He already paid Airbnb but until now, I didn't receive any payout from Airbnb. I have been e-mailing them & have been promised that they will ecalate my concern to their bug team. But u... Latest reply by Lynette57
Hi, This is my first time posting here. A guest checked out yesterday (Sunday) and during cleaning for my next guest due to arrive today (Monday), I discovered my water tank was refilling very slowly and I couldn't run the washing machine or dishwasher. I... Latest reply by Jaci0