Mazda Recipe Book: Pasta salad

Level 5


What about a refreshing pasta salad straight from the fridge with this heat.

- chop pachinos, wash them as won’t be cooked
- slice spring onions and a piece of branch, thin ones perfect unfortunately amazon fresh had just the big ones. 
- chop some mozzarella
- some tuna fish
- slice olives, I like the greek ones kalamata
- an anchovy
- a drop of crushed red peperoncino and a small evo drop. 

In the picture a portion for single, cook farfalle or fusilli 80gr. Cool it up, if you don’t have time drain pasta and fill with cold water, drain again, mix with the condiments and stick it in the fridge until cold.

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Re: Mazda Recipe Book: Pasta salad

Montreal, Canada
Level 10



Looks good !!


Re: Mazda Recipe Book: Pasta salad

Level 5

Put it in a sealed box or the no-frost function will dry your food whatever it is. 

Re: Mazda Recipe Book: Pasta salad

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London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Yet another yummy recipe @Mazda2 😊! Thanks for sharing! 

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Re: Mazda Recipe Book: Pasta salad

Huskisson, Australia
Level 10

@Mazda2 it is winter here down under so, soups, caserole, stews, baked dinners, puddings, cakes and biscuits are on the menu. However, we had salad the other night with our lamb chops for a lighter touch to the evening meal.

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