Airbnb gift card purchase

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Airbnb gift card purchase

1. I purchased an Airbnb gift card online.

2. My credit card company approved the purchase. I know this because I called them after Airbnb declined the transaction.

3. Airbnb declined the transaction, yet charged the card, proving that the card was approved.

4. When I attempted to figure out what happened, I received canned responses; the same one each time I repeated the simple question; why did  Airbnb, NOT, my credit card deny the transaction. 

5. My guess is they are using an app to process the purchases that is completely unintuitive, ie, customer service has no idea what is happening with this type of error in the transaction. Rather than fix this issue, they send, a canned response, and then resend it when you ask them to clarify the issue. Here is the message they keep sending;

Thank you for contacting gift card purchasing support. We are sorry for any inconvenience you might have experienced when placing your gift card order. Unfortunately, your order was declined by our payment processor and we do not have access to further details on why this transaction was declined. The pending charge on your credit card has been voided. Please allow 3-5 business days for this to reflect in your bank account.
Be sure to confirm that your bank is not halting this purchase and that all billing information on file matches what you are inputting, including email, before you retry your purchase.
Unfortunately, if you continue to be declined we are unable to assist further as we do not control the decision of the payment processor.
Thank you,
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Community Manager
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Hi there @Dean1015 👋


I just wondered if I could clarify, did you purchase the gift card from Airbnb or a 3rd party retailer? 


Have you reached out to Airbnb Support about the gift card issue? 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 




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