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Hey folks, why the booking has come down these days?

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@Raveesh4 A decline in Airbnb bookings can be attributed to various factors, including seasonal changes, increased competition, changes in traveler preferences, economic conditions, and global events such as pandemics or geopolitical situations. But you may consider the following which may help you get more bookings. 

-Ensure your listing photos are high-quality, well-lit, and accurately represent your space. Write a clear, detailed, and appealing description of your space, highlighting unique features or amenities.

-Adding amenities that guests look for, like Wi-Fi, a workspace, or free parking, can make your listing more attractive.

-Flexible cancellation policies and check-in/out times can make your listing more appealing.

-Regularly review guest feedback and make improvements to address any recurring issues.

-Offering or recommending local experiences can make your listing more attractive.

-Check your pricing and set competitive rate based on demand, seasonality, and local competition. Hope this helps!