Beware of location titled steps from downtown Vacaville host **

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Beware of location titled steps from downtown Vacaville host **

Regarding Host **

**[Personal details removed in line with - Community Center Guidelines]

I am writing to you to describe my encounter with the host for Air bnb location mentioned above whom I believe is running a SCAM.

On 5 November 2021 I contacted the host through Air bnb app and inquired about their pet policy. Since their pet policy was satisfactory, I went ahead and made reservation for a conference I was attending. The reservation was for 28 November - 4 December. On 9 November 2021 I contacted Air bnb and informed them that my boss decided to send someone else instead of me, and I could not attend. Air bnb stated that they can easily refund the money since it was far enough in advance, but the host has a stricter policy in place. I would have to contact the host myself. I contacted the host and informed her of the same thing. She/he stated that they have a strict cancelation policy, and I would not be able to get a refund of $600 (half of the full price) that I had already paid. I contacted Air bnb customer service and after multiple days of communication with multiple representatives, they informed me that since the host refused the cancellation, there was nothing they could do, I had to attempt to change the dates for lesser days and they would refund me the difference if I picked 3 nights. After intense reconsideration of dates during the holiday season, I asked the host if I can change it to 23-25 November 2021 to utilize the $600. The host replied that those days were available, and she can change them. At the final step I noticed that she had not changed the price for the rooms. When I inquired about it, her response was that she usually only accommodates 30-day rentals and that since my original reservation cost was $1255.61 the same will apply for the 2 nights. I contacted Air bnb again and informed them of her decision of charging me $600 for a studio, in which I was informed again that there is nothing they can do, it is up to the host. I feel this host is unreasonable and is attempting to scam as many people as they can.



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@Sara6887  I'm not sure why you are posting this here- this is just a discussion forum for hosts and guests, not a place to review an accomodation.


The host has done nothing wrong, as far as I can see, which is exactly what Airbnb told you. You booked a place with a strict cancellation policy and the host has no obligation to either refund you nor agree to apply what you paid to another  reservation. That doesn't quaify as a scam, even though the host didn't follow through on what she told you.


Guests should take out travel insurance- hosts are not your de facto insurers should your plans change. If you aren't prepared to accept the terms of the cancellation policy a host has, don't book it in the first place. It's a contract you agree to by booking.

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Hi @Sara6887

When you book a flight, a hotel room or an Airbnb you agree to a cancellation policy in case you later need to cancel.

In your case you needed to cancel and because of that you will get refunded according to the policy. The host has done nothing wrong. 

@Sara6887   Please delete the host's name, address, and phone number from this post. It's not allowed to post anyone's personal information here, and I can't imagine where you got the idea that this was OK.


What you describe is not a "scam," anyway, but rather an application of the policy that you agreed to when you booked. Airbnb offers the option to filter your searches to display only listings with flexible cancellation policies, if that's something you're more comfortable with. But if you think it's OK to dox a host on a public forum, it's better that you just stick to hotels in the future.

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The city of Vacaville has been enforcing Airbnb host minimum stays of 30 days after the pandemic.