Cannot get a phone verification code

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Moscow, Russia

Cannot get a phone verification code

I'm not able to reset my password and therefore logged out of my account. Airbnb wants to confirm it's me and is giving me options to send a 4-digit code to my mobile number or a call. I chose both options multiple times and haven't received a code. The call option is not available in my country, but it's driving me nuts that the code is not being sent to me. I cannot figure out why and I called their Customer support and all I heard was, we understand, we're sorry, but this is the only way. Did anyone have the same problem? Any advice/recommendations who to talk to and how? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Boris344 , 


Have you successfully logged into your account since the time you posted?

If you have found any solution, please feel free to share it with us. It might help other members who face similar issues.

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