Contact Host button missing

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Contact Host button missing

Hello. The "Contact Host" button is missing on a listing that I'm interested in. The host has multiple listings and the problem exists on all of them. Trying different browsers also does not solve the problem.

Here is the link to the listing: **
**[Identifiable listing removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines- Please note that is not allowed to post a listing link unless posted by a listing owner]

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Hi @Rob11790 

Yes...I see what you mean. Very strange. I guess your only option is to contact Airbnb and mention you are unable to contact the Host on the listing and see what they say? Could be a glitch?

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@Rob11790 A couple of thoughts:

I looked at one of the hosts listings and she seems to have a moderate cancellation policy so you could book, ask your question, and then cancel if not happy. Just make sure you don't have two bookings at the same time or you won't get fully refunded. It's a medium risk approach but you would think the host would understand.

Alternatively find somewhere else. I can recommend Radbourne in Derbyshire - OK we don't have quite the same cachet as York but we do have a 13th century church just the other side of our garden hedge and we are way way cheaper than York LOL. And I have just checked that we do have a contact host button!