Damage Claim Advice

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Damage Claim Advice

Besides leaving a wreck, our most recent guests damaged several items. I will submit a request to the guests, but assume I will ultimately have to involve AirBnb. The guests attacked our air mattress from our fold-out couch. It appears they (maybe their out of control kids) used our Henkel knife (but could have been something else), which they also broke the tip off (that does not happen naturally, the German's know how to make knives!). They also seemed to have stabbed the fitted sheet for that mattress. In addition, instead of using the boot tray (dirt and trash everywhere through our cabin), they seemly damaged maliciously. (Who does this, and it was an extended family?)


The mattress is the biggest ticket item. We went to the store where we bought it, and it is not repairable. It is also attached to the fan - so the whole thing needs to be replaced (not just the inner tube, e.g.) at least $400 (waiting for a quote). Since that would take time and we have guests coming that will need to use, as at least a temporary solution we purchased a memory foam mattress ($280). The replacement costs for our other items are ~$93. The "deposit" is $350. 


I would like advice on what to request from the guest. It could be $493 (real replacement cost), $373 (cheaper mattress option), or $350 (deposit amount). It is unlikely that the guests will do anything voluntary, so it is a question of how AirBnb will handle. I will include photos, images of replacement quotes, etc. The prior guests also used the fold-out couch and confirmed that it was in operating order (I was sure, but have it on record). Additionally, these guests did not report any issues (and I reached out to them mid-stay). The correspondence was through AirBnb messaging. Also, any advice composing the request to the guests? I want to give them a pice of my mind, but is it more prudent to simply stick to the damages (and not the total disrespect they showed us and our property, smoking, etc). Of course, I will also write a review, but assume they will just open up another account to get around that.  


Thanks in advance for your advice, pictures appended (I'll spare you from the ones showing the reck they left). [they also broke all rules, smoked, didn't follow any instructions, had more guests then they indicated, etc]. Fortunately, this is the first such incident after 80+ guests (and at least no structural damage). 


Cheers, Ken 


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I am so sorry for you Ken, as hosts we try our best for our guests but, these days, Airbnb seem to be attracting the dregs of the travelling public.

Guests would not dream of doing something like this in a hotel because they know full well the hotel would be after them like speeding freight train. But Airbnb  considers that these little inconsequential things are the hosts fault for not providing the guest with something he didn't feel entitled to damage!


Firstly have you lodged a claim against this 'guest'? You have 14 days from their departure, or until the next guest arrives.....whichever comes first. 

If you are unsure how to involve Airbnb for a claim, go to the message stream with this particular guest and on the bottom left of the page will be a link entitled 'Help'. This will access the Resolution Centre with the details of this guest and you can lodge a claim.


My strongest possible advice here Ken would be, to be as pleasant as you can when making this claim, and above all, ask for advice and help, don't demand it. You have to appreciate CX are getting their heads ripped off by angry customers all day every day, and when a pleasant and cooperative claimant comes along, it is like a breath of fresh air to them, and provided they are half competent, they will bend over backwards to help you. I can tell you now Ken, the quickest way to get a ticket closed is to bounce CX!


They will ask you for photos of the claim damage and a realistic quote for a sensible replacement cost. I say that because, a host will have an outdoor setting damaged by a guest who was careless with his cigarettes, the cushion coverings are not repairable and the host claims $2,500 as a replacement cost for his outdoor setting. The thing he does not disclose to the Resolution Centre is, he bought that outdoor setting from the local op shop for $300. Airbnb's decision will always be an adjudicated one.....it is not new for old, so keep that in mind!


Many here will say that the Resolution Centre are not reasonable........they are but reasonable is something that cuts both ways. If you put in a reasonable claim you will get a speedy reasonable settlement. It may not be what you would ideally want but, please just remember Ken, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing!! 


This is getting a bit lengthy so I will stop at this point but if you want any further help or advice send me a DM and I will be pleased to help you. All the best mate!



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@Ken318  Looks awful, sorry it happened to you!


When I claimed under the host guarantee I used the original purchase receipts as my evidence and claimed that value. Then used that money to get replacements, you don’t need to submit the receipts from the replacements.


So I’d ask the guest first the value of what they broke, and then how you choose to replace it all is up to you - nice things hurt more if/when they get ruined but they are nicer to use. 


You can’t claim lost earnings if you’ve de-listed your property unless they were booked in already, so I suggest you replace things as quickly as possible.

Hope you get it sorted.

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@Ken318 @Matt682 @Robin4 

Goodness knows what the scene was that caused such damage.

I'd be really pleased they've gone. 

Along with hoping you get an appropriate resolution, I hope you will review them as they deserve.

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Thanks for the feedback. For the record, this is how it played out (as well as could have been expected):


I ended up asking for $550 and saying I would go through a AirBnb claim if not paid promptly. The guest denied most of the damage (except the boot tray, which she said was "in the way") and said she was insulted and that it didn't stay inflated through the night. She also said she was writing a review as her stay was not relaxing.  I was in meetings all day, so was going to respond when I got home (I was also going to include photos of the pig sty they left behind - adding that AirBnb would be able to review when I submitted the claim). About that time, I received a second message saying she couldn't pay all at once, but offered 50% now and 50% in two weeks - and that she would then "deal with it later". I said that we personally stripped and made the beds for her and the previous guests, and are 100% sure the damage was during her stay. Also, that the previous guests confirmed that they used it the night before and there were no issues.  I said the second 50% would have to be before the two week deadline to file a claim, but said I would reduce to $375 is she paid immediately.  She did, so all is done. She really didn't want me to file a claim through AirBnb.