Damaged Camera

Damaged Camera


I am fairly new to the AIRBNB business and I have no reviews still to date.

I have a guest that accidentally broke a security camera outside. 

They are really nice people, originally I told them it was ok, but they are a short term tenant and to replace the camera is going to cost more than what I collected for this reservation. 

Should I submit a damage request and hope that they don't get mad and leave a bad review? or should I learn from this and replace it?

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Hi @Jena90 

Would love to know how you decided to handle this situation in the end!



Please follow the Community Guidelines

Submit damage request, communicate kindly. Consider their perspective. Learning experience. Focus on fair resolution. Prioritize sewage over minor damages.

Hi @Jena90 


Hope all is well. As a host, here are my recommendations about your situation. Regarding Aircover claim with Airbnb:


1. Communicate with the Guest: Reach out to the guests in a non-confrontational manner. Explain that upon further inspection, you realized the cost of replacing the camera is significant. Ensure your tone is understanding and not accusatory.


2. Provide a Detailed Cost Breakdown: Share with them the estimated cost of replacing the camera. This transparency can help them understand the financial impact. (If your guest asks)


3. Utilize Airbnb’s Resolution Center: If an agreement can't be reached through direct communication, you can use Airbnb's Resolution Center. That way, you are still covered with Airbnb's ToS.


Regarding your guest might get mad or write a negative review:


1. Prepare for Various Outcomes: Be ready for the possibility that the guest might not agree to pay, and you may need to cover the cost. If they do agree to pay, ensure that the process is smooth and maintain a cordial relationship.


2. Review Dispute: Airbnb allows hosts to dispute reviews that they think not in line with Airbnb's Review Policy. Feel free to utilize this so Airbnb supports can further analyze if the review can be removed. 

By approaching the situation with clear communication, a fair-minded attitude, and utilizing the resources provided by Airbnb, you can seek a resolution that is acceptable to both you and your guest.  I hope this helps! 😊

Thank you Alicia for your information. I do truly appreciate the experience you’ve shared with me.

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How do you 'accidentally damage' a security camera @Jena90 why was the guest touching it. ? 

I think it would be highly unfair to tell the guest they don't have to pay and then turn around and submit a damage claim for the cost. 

certainly it's likely to lead to a bad review 


learn from this experience and don't tell guests they don't have to pay to replace expensive items they damage @Jena90 



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Hi,  I would submit a damage report.  We had a challenge getting people to review as well, but once we got our first positive review they came much more effortless.