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Hi I have a client wanting to book for a month but just wants to put down a deposit. How can I do that thank you

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@Ben5852 You can't. All payments go through Airbnb.

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Tell him to book when he's in a position to make the full payment and if your space is available you'd be happy to accommodate him. @Ben5852 


Airbnb do offer split payments for guests booking longer in advance . Any reason he can't use that @Ben5852 



Hi @Ben5852 sometimes, split payment will be available to guests but Airbnb does have a condition on that. On Airbnb, payment for long-term reservations (stays of 28 nights or more) is handled somewhat differently compared to shorter stays. 


For long-term reservations, guests are required to pay the first month's rent upfront. This payment is made at the time of booking. After the initial month, payments are due monthly. Airbnb will automatically charge the guest's payment method on file every month on the same date as the start of the reservation. That way, guests don’t need to remember to make the payments each month. Airbnb automates this process to charge their stored payment method. Your guest can also check on the Airbnb help center. 

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Hi @Ben5852 ! Since you posted a few days ago, I was wondering if you got a chance to see the suggestions given by the experienced Hosts in our Community Mike,Helen and Alicia.

Do keep us posted on how you accommodated this guest's request?




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