Electricity and air conditioning

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Electricity and air conditioning

I entered the unit with permission to grab a package and the air conditioning was set on 64 degrees.  The guest was not there all day.  It was so cold in the unit it was like stepping into a walk in refrigerator.  Not sure if I should say anything.  The guest has been very easy to host and is staying for three months, but I am not too happy about the air being set on 64 and what my electric bill is going to be for the next three months.  Advice?






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If you  don't have a  House  Rule  then  the guest hasn't   violated.    I get around stupid things like   that by trying this wording  first " I like to  keep  costs  down   by designating  a  target temperature of XX during my  utility company's peak  rates from  XX to   XX   and lowering the  designated  temperature to  XX  when the utility company   switches to off peak  pricing.."


Using designated and blaming  the Utility Company  then  they arenn''t  defending themselves and everyone is  fighting their  light company.



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IN summer I have the condo set at 76. If they want to change it they can. I also have the cleaner make sure it is 76 when she leaves, Our condo is in Florida and I do not want mold etd if you have the temp at 84.   Mike






We use a Nest thermostat with a lock at 72, so it can’t be set any lower than that.  The Nest senses when no one is home and is programmed to return to 76 until someone returns home. This is all outlined in our lease. 

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I run into this all the time. I replaced my main split/compressor with a brand new one for optimal energy savings in the living area. That was #1. Then being in Costa Rica, Nest, is not a great option so #2 I created some defaults on the remote. You "can" override them but most people don't due to the complexity of creating them in the first place. That keeps most people only using the dehumidifier or the aircon at 70º since it works great and is way more efficient than standard aircon. All the new units these days have some pretty fun features.

Mini splits default to 64, that is as cold as they will go. I have had this same problem and so I think I'm going to set them at 70,  remove the remote, and alert the guest when they move in. If they want it at 64 I will set it at 64. I think most of them just put it really really cold because it is hot (I live in FL) and then they don't think about it. 

Mike, I meant to reply to all.


I use a nest thermostat and have it set up with the Alexa that runs the house.  The guest can tell Alexa to set the temperature to whatever they would like, which makes them happy.  But, I also have routines set up that will automatically correct the temp to what I want it to be… this way it doesn’t stay low very long and I avoid elevated blood pressure!   They aren’t aware of the routines so they don’t get mad either. 

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Hi @Rusty46 , 


I inform in my listing, and again in a message day of check in regarding the AC: 


"Please note that due to the excessive heat right now, our AC must remain at 73 or higher and windows/doors must remain closed. If not, this can lead to AC malfunction and will require an HVAC professional to come out to fix, which unfortunately isn’t guaranteed based on their schedule. Thank you for your understanding it is very much appreciated!"

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@Rusty46 I would talk to them and see if we can come to a better compromise. Then I would also for the future I would stipulate this issue in my house rules so it doesn't happen again.