Google calendar sync receiving wrong end dates from Airbnb

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Google calendar sync receiving wrong end dates from Airbnb

Since entering the summer release program I have been having a couple issues with Calendar sync and the 2 nights between bookings setting not being honored. Airbnb chat support is useless in getting these software bugs reported to the correct people. I can't be the only one having this issue.
If someone is booked from the 15th to the 17th for example, on Google calendar it will show them checking out on the 16th. And the entry is not editable in Google calendar as it is a locked file coming from Airbnb.
I also have the "block the night before and after a booking" setting enabled since Covid. Now, even though that is set, Airbnb is allowing next day bookings. I think these two bugs may be related.

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Hi @Terence55 @Aaron1026, apologies for the delayed updates.

I wanted to circle back to this thread and let you know that if the host/guest is experiencing issues where reservation check-out dates are being inaccurately displayed on users' Google Calendar previews, Please be advised that this is not an issue on Airbnb's Calendar sync side, but a Google calendar's issue.




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It's not really a google issue. Seems like incorrect airbnb implementation of the iCal spec.

Here is the iCal spec and the Event Component (VEVENT) section:


To save you some time it states that:

The "DTEND" property for a "VEVENT" calendar component specifies 
the non-inclusive end of the event.

 To me that means that if I have a 2 day reservation that starts on 11/3/2023 and ends on 11/5/2023 and the iCal export from Airbnb reads:


then the airbnb export is incorrect because 11/5/2023 will not be included per the spec. That DTEND should have value of


 in order to be included by google, office and other major companies that comply with the iCal official spec

Thanks. If that's the case then how do we get this bumped back to active on AirBnB support?

Was an actual solution ever found for this issue?

No. It's still broken. There appears to be no humans at Airbnb to deal with this. I'm attaching a pic. The top shows the actual reservation on Airbnb's site. The bottom shows what lands in Google Calendar. 

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The reason for the confusion is that the ical file imports nights booked, not days booked. Therefore, the last day on your google or outlook calendar is the night before. If you think of it that way, it shouldn't be a problem to understand your google calendar. The check-out day is not a night. Hope this helps!