Guest claims to have had to clean accommodation on arrival

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Guest claims to have had to clean accommodation on arrival

I have received a message from a guest within 30 minutes of check in claiming that they have had to clean the accommodation themselves as table, chairs, bathroom and the floors were not clean. No evidence provided to substantiate the claims, just a passive aggressive message. Attempts at getting the guest to be specific and provide evidence substantiating the claims are ignored. As I have a professional cleaner, and have not had cleaning issues before, I have sent the cleaning supervisor to see what the issue is.  Any ideas on handling this as I suspect they will be looking for a refund.



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After having spoken to my onsite manager things get more intriguing. At the time of complaining about cleanliness the guest physically hadn’t checked in. Not sure how they managed this without having access to the property. I guess they weren’t expecting me to pick up the message as fast as I did and my request for evidence to support the claims they made wasn’t possible at the time because it didn’t exist.  The extremes they have gone to to justify their complaint include lifting furniture  to photograph under it and wiping tile grout with a tissue to claim it is dirty. 

They have gone out of their way to look for issues . Already mentioned review and I am waiting for the inevitable we want a free stay message. 

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@Brian686, unfortunately, that happened sometime, my advice always offers to send a cleaner or yourself to go and apologise. If they refuse ur offer u are cover as u tried to solve the issue., The best thing is to be proactive. When things like that happened I always make sure I come up with a solution, and fast so he does not leave any room from guests to complaints.


not sure if ur cleaning team do it or not, ask them to take pictures after cleaning is over of all major area of the listings, from the fridge inside to cutlery and bed, seating room inside wardrobe etc...


When guests check out my cleaner video the flat + pics if it is in the mess, and immediately what app to me. If guests are 2 and used 7 towels by cleaner will send pictures of the whole towels used etc... Pictures are always handy when they are a disagreement 



@Marie82thanks. I will suggest that to the onsite managers as I host remotely and they contract the cleaning staff. 

I was able to get the cleaning supervisor to attend straight away and he was told there was nothing to do so that solved the ‘issue’ as the solution was to clean what they claim was an issue. That was within minutes of them complaining to me.  Their plan may have been foiled as I was free to address the issue immediately.