Guests unhappy with beds. How much refund?

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Hyggen, Norway

Guests unhappy with beds. How much refund?

Hi. I recently had six guests in my house. After the stay they made me aware that they were not happy with some of the beds in the house. They didn’t ask for a refund, but I think I would like to offer one, as I believe that they were disappointed with the beds, though we never actually had this complaint before. 
How much would you refund in this situation? 

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England, United Kingdom

@Tonje9 I don't know how bad the beds are but softness/hardness is very much a personal preference. I would save the money and invest in new beds. Facebook marketplace for the frames and then buy new mattresses online.

Thanx for the reply!

All the beds are pretty new, but I am starting to realize that this probably has to do with misunderstanding/comunication. In my mind, it's pretty obvious that the beds in question are beds for children, but can be, and have been, used by adults. Just comes down to expectations on the guests part, I suppose. I believe that my previous guests have had more realistic expectations in terms of comfort for adults using these beds. I have specified this better in my discription now, so hopefully this issue is solved!😊