'HOST' has fabricated complaints against guest

'HOST' has fabricated complaints against guest

1. 45 minutes after she was already 15 minutes late she was able to just send the code?  Why was I waiting?




2. We are a 5 person family. She knows this. One entire bedroom had NO sheets or NO pillows.  Host actually argued with my wife that 5 pillows here are enough. Never even addressed the sheets!




3.  No towels or ANY kitchen supplies. NONE.  It says in listing there are extr sheets and pillows.  Again she argues. We had to send her a screen shot of her own listing!




4.  No hot water. Illegal I think...




5. Actually took furnisher that was in posted listing.  'Host' asked if No chairs was ok for our family of 5 to use.




6.  Reached out to 'host' for compromise of $300 worth of stuff she was to provide that we just bought because she never got back to us, and still hasnt..




7.  Are we supposed to pay seperate to 'host' money for bills?  She is charging for internet (which again is listed as part of the rental...) and charging for power? 




8.  She hasn't responded in over 10 hours and we will be filing a huge complaint in the morning.

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We don't feel safe and now this 'HOST' has fabricated complaints against us (we have been there all of 24 hours...) directly after we filed our complaint against her.  She never called within the hour  BnB gave her.  In stead she directly threatened my wife to kick us out!  Mmm petty revenge much?  Air BnB  has offered us a paltry $45 as compensation.  I will not be settling till all is due.  She broke contract before we even arrived.  I don't think soap and towels and TOILET PAPER is out of bounds, especially when you state on your rental!  She actually tried to change the listing to cover her **.  Too bad I've got screen shots of the original posting **.

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Greenville, SC

@Peter3645  Now that you’ve heard back from Airbnb, can you provide a link to the listing?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Peter3645 ,

It seems that your recent experience has not been so great.

I read that you have already gotten in touch with Airbnb Customer Support regarding this. Please feel free to keep us updated in case there are any developments. 

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If your listing is not as described and is missing key amenities such as hot water and bedding and the host is not replying /is not able to resolve ask Airbnb to cancel the booking and help you find alternative listings for your stay @Peter3645 

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@Peter3645  Difficult to comment on the info given. Can you post the listing link? 

Not yet.  Waiting for AbnB response

  Although most of these gross errors are common sense and don't need interpretation as to their legitimacy of a BAD renter.


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Jersey City, NJ

@Peter3645  It depends on what it says in the listing.  If it says that there are extra charges for some amenities, then it was disclosed at booking.  If there is no mention of these extra charges on the listing then the host can't charge for them.

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