Host reviewed me as a "special guest" - is that code for something?

Host reviewed me as a "special guest" - is that code for something?


I need some help from someone who works at Airbnb's review authorizations.  I received a review as a guest that I am very uncomfortable with.  I had to report a few issues to the host (not airbnb) regarding the house that I stayed at.  The Host seemed very annoyed with me, and seemed reluctant to fix the issues, but he eventually did fix one of the issues.  The issues were:  Malfunctioning A/C (and this was in Florida), leaking toilet tank, and a few cockroaches.   I would have left & searched for a different place, but honestly, I did not have the energy, and everywhere else was too expensive. I was only staying a few days.  I also didn't know if I would be getting a refund.


Thankfully, the host did provide a partial refund for the inconvenience.   His handyman told me he usually keeps the place in good shape, but that the issues should have been fixed before letting another guest stay.   I suppose I was just unlucky.  

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Hi @Mike-And-Jane0 @Ana2038 @Joelle43 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and lending support to @Robyn469.

@Robyn469 , I am sharing this instance with the Support teams as well, if they can have a good look at your concerns again. 

Someone from the support team should reach out to you soon, once they have an update to share.


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Thank you Bhumika.  According to** the Airbnb representative, the review could not be taken down.  I truly believe he simply did not understand how insulting the review was.  I greatly appreciate anything you can do.  I wrote a reply to the host's review in stating:


"The phrase "special guest" may perhaps be misinterpreted as rather negative or insulting. I was a "somewhat unlucky" guest being welcomed by a comedy of errors such as A/C not working, toilet leaking, and cockroaches, etc. I reported these issues to the host,**. He walked me through re-setting the circuit breakers for the A/C, which was unsuccessful. He sent a handyman to come out and fix the A/C. The host provided a partial refund which I greatly appreciated. Though it was only my 2nd stay at an Airbnb, I am not jaded at all and believe this was just a one off. I look forward to using Airbnb in the future."
However, I would still prefer the host's review of me be removed and I understand my reply would be removed along with it.  That is all okay by me.  Thank you for your assistance.
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@Robyn469 , I agree with @Mike-And-Jane0 . The wording/use of “special guest,” is an insult. However, I will say, the review says more about the host (and not in a good way) than it does you. 

Hopefully, someone at CS will accommodate your request and remove the review. 

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@Robyn469 I would say the use of the word 'special' in this case is likely to be a personal insult which is not allowed per Airbnb review policy. That said the nuances of the English language mean this may well be overlooked by customer service staff in other countries.

I would call Customer Services and ask them to remove the review based on this insult. Do let us know how you get on.

After the second examination of the review content, the team still advised they did not find any review violations, so it will remain on there. They won't remove it sadly.  Hopefully, my reply to the host's review will provide clarity for future Airbnb bookings.


Oh well... c'est la vie.


Thank you again for your help and support.

Thank you for your reply.  Unfortunately, the customer service rep at Airbnb said it did not violate any rules.  Here is what he reported:


 **[Private conversation removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]


I never left a review for this host's home, so all I can do is respond to his review of me - but just very unsure what I want to say.  Need sometime to cool my jets. 

Thank you,


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@Stephanie Is there any chance you could explain the nuances of the English language to customer support? This review seems very insulting to @Robyn469  and, once understood, is not allowed per the review policy.

Hi Mike and Jane.  Thank you so much for your support and reaching out to Stephanie.  I am hopeful the Airbnb support team will look further into this and understand the nuances of the English language.  Hopefully they will remove the review in  understanding it is insulting and negative.


Thank you again. 



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Hello @Robyn469 


I'm afraid you won't find anyone on the community centre that is part of the Airbnb review authorisations and your best bet is to message or call Customer Service in relation to your recent stay.  


All the best


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