Hosting Tip: How to Make Stays more Enjoyable in less than $50?


Hosting Tip: How to Make Stays more Enjoyable in less than $50?

Hello Hosts,


My home is located on a hill station where it rains continuously for 4 months. During this time, guests can barely get out and although I have two lovely terraces to sit and watch the rain while sipping hot Chai, it could get quite boring to sit in the house the entire while.

I'm sure other guests face similar situations if it snows a lot in their place or is too sunny to go out in the afternoon.


I decided to do something that would help my guests enjoy indoors. And guess what, the solution doesn't even cost 50 bucks!


I bought some all-time-favourite indoor games and added some from my childhood collection.

So now I have a deck of UNO cards, Playing cards, classic [18 in 1] board games likes Ludo, Chess, Snakes & Ladders, Jenga, Monopoly, Houise set, Taboo and Never Have I Ever Cards. (Since I purchased from local stores, it costed much lesser.)


You can add some low-cost indoor games too so that guests never have a dull moment.



You can also add some interesting magazines, popular novels for the readers.



And maybe a blank drawing book and some crayons if someone wants to get creative.


I hope you find this Hosting Tip useful and feel free so share if you have any interesting suggestions as well.


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Happy Hosting,



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Delft, Netherlands

@Jeet0, what a good idea. 🙂 I always have plenty of books around, and l already have Scrabble and Rummikub, both of which I love to play. (In fact, I'd love any excuse to lure a guest to play one of the games with me. 😉 ) And as one of my hobbies is art, I always have plenty of paper and drawing/painting materials.  


I also have a guitar and a nice Yamaha keyboard. Perhaps I'll host a musican on a wet day in the future. 😉


I think I'll invest in a couple of card games. (I do have a Tarot set, for those who are so inclined.)


Anyway, you've given me the idea to perhaps mention indoor activity possibilities. I live in the Netherlands, and it often rains here, even in summer. Though my accommodation is geared towards travellers/visitors who intend to be out all day, I need to be prepared for changes in the weather.

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Shepherdstown, WV

All good ideas.  I even purchased some vintage games to match the mid century modern decor of my cabin.  Guests love it.  You know everything is so much better on vacay, right?  


I also subscribe to many good magazines.  Double rewards?  I get to enjoy my favorite reads, and guests also have a good read.  


Jigsaw puzzles are also great for romantic getaways and family vacations.  I have had guests reluctant to leave until they finish a puzzle!


The key is to communicate well with guests beforehand and take cues from them.  Anniversaries or birthdays always have champagne waiting at my places.  Seasonal fresh fruit or holiday chocolates are always popular.  I also share if I have baked something that week.


All these personal touches add to good reviews and lead to more bookings.


Happy hosting,


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Delft, Netherlands

@Stephanie18 and @Jeet0, so pleased you like the idea of a musical instrument. 🙂 (I might need to think twice, though, if a guest wanting to use my guitar or keyboard happens to be a hard-rock or heavy-metal musician. 😉 Though at least the keyboard can be muted. 😉 )


@Jeet0, for an off-premises host, a nice touch might be to send a pretty card after the first couple of days to say that you hope everything is going well.


If there's a nice little cafe - or other facility - nearby that permits it, perhaps ask if they'd give you a couple of 'coupons' for a gratis cup of tea or coffee. It could even be of interest to the cafe as a way to gain customers. 


Of if there's a good little art gallery or crafts place, maybe they'd provide coupons for a gratis cup of tea or coffee in a local cafe.


A fun touch might be to tuck the coupons away somewhere that a guest might not be likely to find them immediately, and then mention in the card that there's a little surprise awaiting them in the xxx (wherever you've placed the coupons). 


Anyway, just a thought... 😉



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London, United Kingdom

@Jeet0@ginger Donna and all

great ideas thanks as I am near a few London football clubs there are always a free ticket to be had (I'm a member) so I have at no cost given two seperate guests a free football experience they loved , they got to go to the match free and feel the atmosphere as well as taking tons of photos and made a major part of their stay this could be applied to any local sporting event anywhere in the world and follows on your free coffee idea.

Our local thrift shops provides me with great games and books I have created a travel book section in guests room as most are moving on and truly love the books on other countries they may visit as they only cost me 50 p I am happy if they want to keep them.


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@Sara2, Jeet, Ginger & Donna,


I leave discount coupons for local shops, coffee, creamery, cidery, science museum, etc. I also do the travel books, they're a big hit.

I purchased local postcards from a store downtown that sold them to me for her cost and just put her store stamp in the corner. Guests love to find the cards, pre stamped and ready to send.


I also provide a homemade dessert upon arrival for the first nights stay. I've narrowed it down to three recipes that are cost efficient, easy to prepare... this is a big hit with all guests. 

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Excellent idea Donna Hiding the coupons as a surprise.

Great tip Ginger seasonal fruit or special event.
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Bath, United Kingdom

Best post I have read on here by far.


Thank You!!!!

Dunstan, thanks on behalf of everyone who has shared their amazing suggestions and tips.

This has been so interesting!  I too have an entire cupboard of games, cards and puzzles.  In another cupboard I have kids coloring books and reading books.  We have a library of 85 books covering so many topics but most are outdoor oriented.  I do towel and toilet paper origami (hubby was pretty darned sure I had lost my mind when I took up the TP oragami,lol!)  Am always looking for ways to imropve my guests stay in an afordable manner.  For the guests who stay more then 2 nights I leave a dozen of my farm fresh eggs, pancake mix, syrup and the waffle iron out with a welcome card.  That one is mentioned everytime in my reviews!


I deeply appreciate all the ideas I have gotten from the community here!  Thank you!!!





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Daylesford, Australia

I have also added rubber boots in a couple of common sizes and an umbrella so guests can still go out regardless of rain!

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San Francisco, CA

Another great inexpensive thing to provide for rainy-day fun are puzzles; I always have a few for various aged guests.  I also love Chinese Checkers.  It's a great idea it is to highlight this option in my description.  Another thing my guests love is lying in the hammock to read- so a hammock is another inexpensive addition.

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Charleston, SC

I love this suggestion. Just picked up some fun games.  Great article!

I love the idea!

I'm so glad this tip has been hepling all of you. Can some of you share the pictures if you have added these things?

Hi, my name is Lisa.
We have a place at Nubeena, near Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia.
My suggestion for cold miserable days is puzzles. Often I will have one 3/4 done on the coffee table and most times it is completed by the time guests leave. They are quite addictive.
I then cheat to a degree and undo about a 1/4 for the next guests to complete, always best if they can see the finished puzzle before leaving.
Hope this is a helpful time filler for your guests also.
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Victoria, Australia

Great tips @Jeet0, thanks for sharing! I think I'll head out and buy some games for my place now too. Although watching the rain and sipping chai in India sounds pretty amazing too. 

You are welcome @Rosemary19, which games did you buy? 🙂

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Ocean Springs, MS

For rainy days on the Coast, I keep brochures handy for, museums, casinos, movie theatre, art gallery. But I'm going to add books, games and crafts as suggested here. Shoot, I might even provide yoga mats. Thanks for sharing.