Low Season London?

Low Season London?

Hi all!


this is my first year as a host during the winter season and I was wondering if it is normal for bookings to slow down in January and February? I was pretty much fully booked from June to December but now for January and February it is looking very grim. I have adjusted the prices but still no change - I looked around and saw that some other places are even higher priced and there doesn’t seem to be that many places available in central so just wondering if there’s something I can do? Thank you so much and happy New Year! 😊

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Hello @Angela3364  , it’s my first winter as well. Im

not that bothered now as I was the same fully booked until December. I have put my prices up a bit as well and only having the first booking end of March 

I recommend using your local area stats map and match competitive rates to boost booking.

mind you, it may not be what you anticipated and may not cover your costs but ideally it’s something rather than no bookings.


my take!

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I’m still in the 3rd quarter and yes bookings are really down.

insights shows that its a local issue.


hope the above helps