Rating guests

Rating guests



I just had my first guest that I rated lower than a 5 because they did not follow the instructions for checking out. In addition, I felt as though they tried to skirt around the pet fee when they avoided adding it into their reservation stating that they did not see where to do so.


The instructions are all listed on our site. However, I even messaged the instructions to the guest before checkout.


The guest then responded after returning home stating that they hadn't read any emails because they were on vacation.


Am I being too harsh?


Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!




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Bristol, United Kingdom

I would have insisted the guest pay the pet fee on arrival or leave. Why did you let them stay without paying it @Leigh625 

I did let them know the fee and they did leave cash on the counter.

(my apologies for not explaining that)

@Leigh625 , I guess it would depend on what they failed to do as it pertains to your check out instructions. Did they leave door unlocked, windows wide open with A/C running , trash everywhere etc… ? I keep my check out instructions simple but at times have had some guest leave A/C and/ or heater running with windows open. We are on-site so we can access the unit fairly quickly so leaving the A/C or heater on isn’t going to cause us to rate less than a 5.  I have rated maybe 6 guest(s) over 5 years of hosting less than a 5 and would not recommend and/or host again. I’m more particular in guest following house rules (no smoking, uninvited guest(s) quiet hours).