Terrible host!!!

Terrible host!!!

I'm staying in an Airbnb in Texas.  My host, didn't know which apartment I was supposed to go to, so she gave me an address.  And a door code.  Soon as I went inside the door for the a/c and water heater was gone. Then I walk to the bedroom,  the bed looked like someone just woke up in it. Then I went into the bathroom and the tub was full of dirty towels.  So I asked if she had another apartment,  she sent my 3 different codes and I walked into 3 occupied apartments.

Now she sent me to a nice apartment,  but, no refrigerator nor microwave and missing oven racks. She said she would have the here last week. But a no show and no communication.  She hasn't responded to a single message since the 3rd of December. Airbnb is giving me a little refund at a time. This place is not what's described in the advertisement. 

So, if your in killeen Texas,  stay away from any "purple door" apartments! I paid over $1500 for this place. 

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Hello @Vincent1389, I am so sorry to hear that you faced this situation.


Did you leave an honest review in the end?


Please keep us updated.



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Will do. She kept sending me to different Locations.