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Time shares

I am not a host but a renter and I love AirBNB. This is the first year/time that I am running into this problem. People have listings up and lo and behold they really are not owners and do not have control over the availability because they are trying to sublease their time share. I really disagree with this on so many levels. 

Times shares are a whole big can of worms. I want to be able to get on Air BNB and rent an available and listed place. I spend a lot of time researching areas, rentals, listings etc before going to book for our vacations just to be met with "Sorry your dates are not availble". Well then why is it listed? 

I find this to be against the spirit of AirBNB and am obviously frustrated. 

Anyone else run into this? If they want to do this with time shares, fine but create your own platform OR create a filter that can filter out time shares or just like the options room/guest room/house add a time share option. 

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@Hayley283 Hosts DO have control over their calendar. If the dates are not available, the host can block them out. If a longer booking is preferred, the host can set a 5+ (or whatever) night minimum. So either these hosts have no idea how to use the Airbnb system, which probably makes them lousy hosts, or there is more to the story. This is why I prefer to book with hosts who have Instant Booking turned on. If my dates are available and I meet the criteria to book, I want to be automatically confirmed. I don't want to wait around for a host to decline my booking because they don't know how to properly manage their calendars.