What's the Best Approach to Ensure Safe and Respectful Guests?

What's the Best Approach to Ensure Safe and Respectful Guests?

I'm concerned about the safety and comfort of my home when renting it out on Airbnb. How can I strike a balance between welcoming diverse guests and implementing a vetting process to screen for reliable and respectful renters?

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Hi @Rosa3399  What an interesting question!


I'm reaching out to two of our most experienced Hosts to see if they would like to share their advice: @Kitty-and-Creek0 @Gwen386 




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Thanks @Paula  for tagging me.


Hi @Rosa3399 safety is always a concern. Being diverse is synonymous with being inviting and welcoming.


I don’t have a formal vetting process, per se. I follow my intuition. I don’t use IB because I want to communicate with the person who is renting my home. I ask specific questions to get a feel for the guest. Questions like what brings you to the area and if you agree to abide by my house rules (and I don’t have many). I also read all reviews going back a year. If someone doesn’t have any reviews, thats not an automatic no. I message them via AirBnB to get a feel about their aura. I’m happy go lucky and can usually tell if someone else has that same kind of spirit. I just had a gentleman who had no reviews who rented for 2 months. He was awesome! Again, I  go with my gut. 

For their and my safety, I have 4 cameras installed on my property at all door entrances, which I let guest know about in advance. 


So far, knock on wood, I have been very fortunate with every guest who has stayed at my STR. 

Good luck to you.  

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You don't appear to be set up as a host yet on Airbnb so it's difficult to comment on what sort of measures you can take @Rosa3399 


generally you can ask vetting questions and I'd suggest not using IB until you gain some experience of vetting guests through the platform. 

Thanks @Paula for the tag. 

@Rosa3399 - your questions are really good ones.

I must totally agree with the comments posted by @Helen3 and @Gwen386 . If you want to get to know your guests a bit before accepting a reservation, my best recommendation would be to not use Instant Book. For new hosts, this can be pretty important, to get the feel of things and understand who your guests are, what is their goal in staying with you in your unique location. Of course the most certain way to keep your precious property safe while welcoming guests is to be there in person, as a home share host. This would also allow you to personally see to their comfort, act as a concierge for them, and make sure their stay is as rich and rewarding as is possible. 

Welcome Aboard, and may you love hosting as I do!