When are we getting Dark Mode on the Airbnb app?

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When are we getting Dark Mode on the Airbnb app?

It's been almost 6 years since Android introduced Dark mode, and almost 3 on iPhones and we still have to deal with eye burn at night due to Airbnb's permanent white theme. This should really be addressed as soon as possible. I used to have Samsung phones so i was able to force dark mode on the app, but now i have an iPhone and there's no way to tweak it here and it's been really stressful since.

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Great suggestion.




could you share this idea with IT department 


Thank you @Annie1372 

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Thanks @Annie1372 for tagging me here, and @Byron54 for the suggestion!


I'll share this one with the team on your behalf 🙏



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Any news on this?

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A year and a half later, any update?


Dark mode would definitely make airbnb more usable 24/7 instead of being a "daytime only or you will regret it" app.  😄