leaving a negative review

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leaving a negative review

Hi, I currently have a guest who has walked around in his underwear twice, wearing just briefs and a t-shirt.  He also was not washing his dishes and would leave them on the bench till he wanted to use them again.  I was worried this would encourage pests into my kitchen.  I raised both issues with him in a gentle and kind manner.  Saying it was nice he felt so at home, but I felt uncomfortable.  He then got aggressive with me the next morning. Making sarcastic comments and his tone of voice and body language were very confrontational.  That night when I got home, he had hung a pair of underpants on my fold up washing line, that sits on my balcony.  Normally he would hang all clothes that he had washed.  So, this was out of the ordinary.  I thought this was a very aggressive thing to do.  I started locking my bedroom door.  He leaves tomorrow.  But I am unsure what type of review to leave him.  I note he has been staying only with female Airbnb hosts.  He has also mentioned that Airbnb is a bit like internet dating.  As a result of all this, I find him incredibly creepy, but won't put that in a review?    I have been hosting since 2019 and have been a Super host for nearly all of that time.  Any help would be appreciated?

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@Delia101   Be honest.  "Guest was too comfortable in my home and would walk around semi-dressed.  Did not have the courtesy to wash up after meals.  Would recommend to male hosts only."



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Hi Delia, I’ve been hosting in my home for over 10 years as a single woman.  Early on someone from Airbnb ( the days when you could actually get someone on the phone) gave me the best advice… write out everything you expect in your listing even if it sounds silly… (like wear a bathrobe, ask me about  laundry beforehand  ).   Privacy, decorum , what’s ok what’s not ok …and btw never host anyone who has written that Airbnb is like dating!   Also turn-off  instant book . Insist prospective guests read the entire  house rules/ listing  before you accept a booking.  Print out the important rules and leave in them in the room . 
 I’m very carful looking at someone’s request. If they’re too casual,  or impersonal ( like they’re dealing with a hotel)  or don’t give  enough info ( even when asked)  I don’t  accept the booking stating I’m not comfortable with it.  It’s not foolproof but it helps. I’m happy to share my listing if it would help,


All the best from Tori in California ..



@Delia101. You are not his mother or girlfriend and he is clearly too old to re train. I like what @Lorna170 suggests as a review. Make sure you do say you would not host him again.

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As a single female host, I know I would be grateful to learn the truth about this guest from a previous host. That behavior is unacceptable and I wouldn't hesitate at all to give the actual facts about how he behaved. 

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@Delia101   Be honest.  "Guest was too comfortable in my home and would walk around semi-dressed.  Did not have the courtesy to wash up after meals.  Would recommend to male hosts only."



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Perfect response @Lorna170 

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Hey @Delia101 ,

Hope you are safe! 

As Mike suggested, the best thing to help other Hosts know is through honest reviews. How did you deal with this in the end?

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What do this guest's previous reviews say?


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@Delia101 don't think in terms of good or bad. Just be honest.

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