what is service pet charge for 2 days booking?

what is service pet charge for 2 days booking?

I am new host with AIR BNB.  I am in Tucker, GA.  I have a lot to learn.

1.  How much is service pet fees for per day or per booking?

2. How much is cleaning fees for two days reservation?

3. I have problem matching security code. either voice message or matching the icon.


would any of you please help me.


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@Yen809 regarding your question about pet fee for service animal, Airbnb has specific policies regarding service animals. According to Airbnb, hosts are not allowed to charge additional fees for service animals. Service animals are different from pets, as they are trained to perform tasks for individuals with disabilities. Therefore, you cannot charge a service pet fee, either per day or per booking.


As for the cleaning fees on Airbnb are set by the host and are typically charged per booking, not per day. This fee is meant to cover the cost of cleaning your listing after guests leave and is added to the reservation subtotal. The amount you charge for cleaning is entirely up to you as you will be the one who is going to communicate with your cleaner (if there's any) or you're the one cleaning your property. 


About the security code, are you trying to log in? It’s best to contact Airbnb support directly. They can provide specific assistance and help resolve technical issues related to your account or security features. Hope this helps!

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1. You can't charge for service animals (see Airbnb Help Centre)


2. Up to you to decide 


3. I don't understand your comment 



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Hi @Yen809, I hope everything is going well with you.


Have you read the suggestions from our Hosts? Would you like to share some more information about the security code so they know how to better help you?


Keep us posted ✌️



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