Cleaning + linen service for Athens apartment

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Melbourne, Australia

Cleaning + linen service for Athens apartment



I am looking for an experienced cleaner who can also provide fresh linen services, rubbish removal + toiletry replenishment for a 3 bedroom apartment in central Athens.


We will be managing this property remotely so need someone that is trustworthy and can also assist with any damage/maintenance issues that arise.



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Athens, Greece

Hi @Kate2559 , 

I can help you with all that!

I am experienced in property management and maintenance .

Where abouts is your property in Athens ?

How much would you be willing to pay?

Do you add the cleaning fee extra to your bookings?

I can send you my number or contact to directly get in touch with me through messenger or whatsapp.




Hi @Anna14153, still relevant? 

Hi there, how can I help?

what are you refering too?

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hey @Kate2559, I hope you're well 😊. How are you getting on, did you manage to find anyone to help you out? Did you follow up on Anna's offer also? 

Best wishes,



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