Do you provide TV in Bedrooms?

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San Bernardino, CA

Do you provide TV in Bedrooms?

Hello Everyone!  Do you provide TV in bedrooms?  Why or Whynot?  Do you provide Wifi and charging stations?  Thank you for replies and likes!  Eileen

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I do have a TV in the bedroom and Wifi for free. I think these type of details attract more people. For example, the wifi helps them to spend less for their data, and the TV it's just easier, especially if they are staying for a week or more. It's more convenient to watch TV before bed instead of watching it in the living room and after that move to bed.

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England, United Kingdom

@Eileen462 yes to wifi no to the rest. TVs in bedrooms are not expected in the UK but are in the USA. The TV should be smart though.

@Mike-And-Jane0  thank you my friend.  Im slowly learning!!  I guess I better buy a few TV's lol... Eileen



We provide wifi and multiple charging stations. We also provide a supply of charging wires in case someone forgot or misplaced theirs. We do not have TV at all here, no reception, which is something we consider a positive feature of our home. If anyone wishes to watch something they can do so on their computer.  

@Kitty-and-Creek0  Very nice and thank you for your reply.  Are you located in the mountains?  Just curious?  Smiles,  Eileen



Yes, we are in the mountains surrounded by wilderness. 



How beautiful near the Sierra Nevadas?  I love it up there!!  Eileen

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Hardys Bay, Australia

I provide free wifi with access to Netflix and chargers with cords. It’s a small cottage with a large screen tv in the lounge room. No tvs in bedrooms. 

@Bronwyn100   Thank you for replying!   Eileen

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Lusby, MD

Hi @Eileen462 I do not have a TV in bedroom because people seem to enjoy eating in bed. This unfortunately lead to crumbs that attract ants. I have only one 55-inch smart TV in living room area with many streaming channels for free. I also have a dedicated work area, which has USB and electrical outlets embedded in the office desk and WiFi service. 

@Gwen386   Thank you for replying Gwen!     Eileen

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St. Louis, MO

Absolutely in every bedroom and living area. 9 total. I even have tv on the back patio for guests to watch the news or play music while relaxing or barbecuing. Wifi is complimentary, charging wise, I provide usb chargers apple/usbc for backup. 

@Jermain40 I think thats awesome would love a patio TV !!

Yes! We have a TV in every room even in the common area

 It is a great hit with our guest. 

@Deborah1139   Thanks Deborah!