Do your guests have access to your kitchen?

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Do your guests have access to your kitchen?

Hello Hosts!


For those of you who host your guests, do you give them full access to your kitchen?  Are they able to cook and use your condiments and spices?  your laundry?  Thank you for replying and likes  Smiles, Eileen

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Nope, each of our spaces has its own kitchen or kitchenettes.  I have read that hosts who do share kitchen with guests often dedicate a specific cabinet and fridge space to store their groceries. 


The problem I would have with sharing my kitchen utensils, appliances and cookware, is that I would probably be upset if the guest used and cleaned them improperly. 

@Debra300   Debra, thank you for replying!!  Eileen

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Hi @Eileen462 


Yes, yes and yes . Have a look on my listing for details 😁.

Plus I offer a weekly wash for personal items, linens and towels for guests staying longer than five day.


guests get a shelf in the fridge and and cupboard in the kitchen to store their food .

@Helen3   Hi Helen thank you for your reply!  Eileen



Hi again! We have a well stocked kitchenette for guests, and they are welcome to use our house kitchen with some notice for us to clear counters of our own projects. We have noticed over the many years that our guests are extremely careful with our expensive cookware, herbs and spices, professional knives etc, and are meticulous about cleaning up after themselves. No issues! Sometimes we get a cooking lesson, an ethnic recipe, a taste, or occasionally a shared meal. Humans sharing food and cooking together is so ancient, sharing in this modern world is very special. Love it!

@Kitty-and-Creek0   Hello again!  Do you throw away condiments after each guest?  Spices?

Hi again! 

The answer is nope, and here's why: 

The guest suite kitchenette has things like sugar packets, soy sauce packets, etc. There's a fridge, microwave, hot water pot and coffee maker, huge variety of tea bags, loose teas, coffees,  coffee beans, and the gadgets for grinding, pressing, etc. If they want to cook a meal, they ask to share our well appointed kitchen. Yes, we are a home share, and we are fine with guests in our kitchen space, using our Damascus Steel knives.  They have use of our personal condiments and spice cabinet, which are quite international. They always respect our kitchen and clean it well after use. Of course we're not going to throw anything away that they have touched in our kitchen. And, btw, imho, home shares are the best. We've had the privilege of staying with the most amazing hosts all over the world, and there's nothing better than that, nothing like it.  We strive to offer the same level of sincerity and hospitality we've enjoyed. 

@Kitty-and-Creek0   Hi Kitty, thats so wonderful you have such a great attitude and your so inviting and thats important to be successful in this business.  I however, live in a high crime area where I cannot trust anyone.  Im not saying my guests will be shady but the area I live in sure is so... I remove any opened items in the kitchen when they leave and if Im there it going to pose a problem because I like to cook in my home.  I suppose I have to decide to just trust people.  Eileen


I get that parts of this make you nervous - I wish you to feel safe in your home and to enjoy the in person hosting experience as much as I do. One of the best things about sharing our kitchen with guests is learning their recipes and techniques, while they get to be happy about using our favorite tools. Sometimes we get to share a meal! 😁

@Kitty-and-Creek0   Thank you so much Kitty!!