Has anyone used KIO home?

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Has anyone used KIO home?

I'm looking for an automated lock integration. Kio seems to be the most reasonably priced but their site leaves me with a lot of questions. Has anyone used it and can provide feedback on the following : 

1. reliability - how well reliable is it? Does it retry when the lock is unresponsive or does it make a single attempt?

2. code setting - does it set the code as a time based code or always available code? 

3. messaging - does it have a standard message or can we customize the message to personalize it for our listing? 

4. cancelation - does it remove the code when the guest cancels before the reservation starts? If the reservation changes does it update the codes schedule? 

5. error handling - how well does it handle errors? Does it notify you when an error occurs or does it fail silently? 

6. customer service - how responsive is customer service? Is it all bots or can you reach a knowledgable human? 


Any other thoughts or experiential review would be really appreciated. 

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Hi @Rafael1421 👋


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering if you got this resolved? 


If you head to the top of the page, you'll find a search bar. If you type in smart locks, or a particular brand, you'll see a lot of posts from Hosts asking for support or recommendations. 


Let me know how you get on. 😊



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